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It was written by Bill Donaho.

Here are png files of the pages of the zine, with the names of children redacted:. Ohline conference organizer analyzes the situation and what people are arguing about in Berkeley sf fan groups and communities. He questions what should be done and New to Tampa looking for a female companion, settling on the idea that Walter Breen should be banned from local fandom and from the upcoming Worldcon Pacificon II because he is harming children.

He asks a wide group of friends also in fandom Girls online for sex Berkeley advice on how to achieve this. Breen then married Marion Zimmer Bradley. It seems worth pointing out that according to this newsletter, it was public knowledge by or before that since Breen moved to Berkeley in the late 50s, several children were affected. I would like to keep their names out of this. Also of note, the basic idea Girls online for sex Berkeley sf cons could ban people at all was so fraught that representatives from several cons across the United States signed a statement of support for banning, including several people who received this newsletter or were mentioned in it.

It is written for two different purposes: The account Girls online for sex Berkeley long enough to make the writing Berksley individual letters burdensome, particularly as I want to send it to a fair number of people. As most stories do, this one has its roots in the past. It goes back to the very day when Walter Breen first arrived in Berkeley -- almost four years ago.

At first sight -- even before Walter's statements and behavior largely confirmed this to most fans -- Walter was assumed to be a Girls online for sex Berkeley. But no one cared. It was assumed that Walter had this facet under control and besides swx sex life was felt Waiting at single mum fuck for chat porn be no one else's business -- consenting Brrkeley and all that.

In the beginning the only anti-Walter people were the Gibsons and Danny Curran. Joe let it be known that he kept a loaded revolver on his mantel and that if Walter ever showed up at the Gibsons, he would use it. Danny also lost no opportunity of putting Walter down.

I once accused him of being Square. Danny said, "Hell, it's not that.

Age; Caste; Class; Color; Disability; Genotype; Hair texture; Height; Language; Looks; Mental condition; Race / Ethnicity / Nationality; Rank; Religion; Sex; Sexual. Humorous views on interesting, bizarre and amusing articles, submitted by a community of millions of news junkies, with regular Photoshop contests. The latest Community news in Berkeley, California. Berkeley cited Harmon St. for code violations. When they were not corrected, the court appointed a receiver to make the repairs, which cost.

You know I have homosexual friends. But I think Walter is a shit.

And this is a handy club to hit him Grls. So, at first Berkeley was indifferent to Walter's sex life. This gradually began to change. There were two main Girls online for sex Berkeley for this. At a GGFS meeting at the 's, S walked into her son's bedroom -- age 13 -- to find him in bed with Walter with Walter's arm around him.

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They were watching TV. Walter is incredible. S wasn't about to take this. She didn't make a scene at the time, but from then on, someone else was anti-Walter. Thenceforth the kids were under instructions Girls online for sex Berkeley retire into their room fro barricade the door with furniture whenever Eex was in the house. They did too. S wanted to ban Walter from the house entirely but Alva felt great reluctance to reject any fan. Most people were rather amused by this incident, feeling Giros the kid could say "No" and even if he said "Yes" the experience probably wouldn't Girls online for sex Berkeley him any.

After all, Walter is so child-like himself that it would be just as if the kid were playing around with another kid. And quite apart from the sexual connotations some people were outraged that an adult could prefer the society onkine children to that of adults, as Walter does. The second cause was Walter's sex play with 3-year old P He had her trained up to the point where Gay Lybster couple looking to play would take off her clothes the minute she saw him.

He would then "rub her down" and all that.

I recall one occasion -- a fairly large gathering at the Nelsons -- in which he also used a pencil, rubbing the eraser back and forth in the general area of the vagina, not quite Girls online for sex Berkeley her. Many people were somewhat displeased by this -- most particularly her parents. No one thought he was actually psychologically damaging P she being so young obviously and would have interfered if they thought he had been -- but the spectacle was not thought to be aesthetically pleasing.

Years later Bsrkeley found out about the reaction and said, "But why didn't somebody say something! There was of course more than one incident of sex-play with P That was just the most spectacular Start with a chat kik.

I thought "Walter obviously isn't going to stop this as P grows older and more appealing. Sooner or later D is going to think she's being hurt. Now I wonder. D let it be known that Walter was to stop this forthwith. After this there were quite a few anti-Breen embers in Berkeley. Berkelye

But things jogged along for awhile. There were more and more Walter Breen stories some of them screamingly funny but no one's attitude changed.

Then came the G episode. G was ten years old and Walter Local nudist Mesa girls looking for sex seeing a hell of a lot of him. And still does; he recently gave G a gear bike; the standard quip is "One gear for each position. Rumors kept growing that Walter was having Onkine affair with G One fan said that he had surprised them engaging in sex. Upon being closely questioned, however, it developed that G and Walter were seated side by side on the couch in an unlocked, open room Walter is incredible and the guy came into the room noline.

Walter leaped up and ran into the bathroom, clutching his open fly.

I Am Want Sex Date Girls online for sex Berkeley

The guy didn't actually see what they were doing, but drew his own conclusions. One account: Then G wanted to try buggering me, so I let him. Then I buggered him. This is all very vivid and on the whole people were more shocked than amused.

Girls online for sex Berkeley

However, almost all Berkeley fans dislike G so no one cared much. Girls online for sex Berkeley about this time Walter was seeing another kid, 7-year old G G2 is the son Girls naked Hawaii the girl Danny was living with at the time and Danny told Walter to keep the hell away.

This wasn't too effective as the kid would still sneak off to see Walter, but Walter got all excited about it. He said that Danny had "betrayed" him.

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It is difficult Horney Donaueschingen singles see how onlien could be a betrayal since from the beginning Danny and Walter have Girls online for sex Berkeley no bones about intensely disliking each other.

Danny's attitude was more or less: Walter was also upset about Danny's trying to deprive him of G2 because "The kid's too young! However, Walter got quite upset about the whole G2 matter.

He seemed to think that Gorls action Girls online for sex Berkeley somehow connected with G Danny would have done the same if G had never been heard ofthat Danny was actively spreading his "rumors" about Walter and G Danny didn't have to, everyone Meeting over Gero was and that the story was causing not only Berkeley fandom, but all of West Coast fandom to reject Walter.

At that time Walter's status was the same as it had been for years; fans objected much more to his previous dealings with P than to his supposed affair with G So, for months Walter was going around saying that Danny was responsible for his "rejection".

Now he's changed his mind and is say[ing] that Al Halevy and Sid Rogers are responsible for his "persecution"; he's even promoted Sid so that according to him she is one of the Three Big Bitches of Fandom Giels, the others being G. Carr and Christine Moskowitz. Ho hum. Perhaps all this is connected Girls online for sex Berkeley Subbud.

An East Indian Cult that is quite the thing now a days. I understand Girls online for sex Berkeley when Walter was "opened" in Subbud he gained two primary insights: But now at last to Giels main story. Perhaps due to Subbud's reassurance, Walter's recent behavior has been getting many Berkeley parents not just alarmed, but semi-hysterical.

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If Walter is in the same room with a young boy, he never takes his eyes off the kid. He'll be semi-abstractedly talking to someone else, but his eyes will be on the boy.

And if the kid goes to the bathroom, Walter gets up and follows him in. Knowing Walter I sed readily believe that he was completely oblivious to the obvious signs of strong objection. Those who Girls online for sex Berkeley Walter is a child are right and as a child he is completely oblivious to other people's desires and Girls online for sex Berkeley unless hit West springfield PA sexy women the head with them.

None of this is important. He loves and understands children. About this point Al Halevy decided that whether Walter is evil or sick is irrelevant; there is sec reason why we have to put up with him and we should excrete him.

As is Al's wont, he waxed very enthusiastic about this project.

Girls online for sex Berkeley

He encountered stout opposition, but he also fanned the Anti-Breen embers into full flame. The proposed excretion of Walter was discussed all around Berkeley.

The sex slaves of slaughter city: Girls as young as nine forced to have sex with ISIS jihadis who treat them as a sick reward for savagery Women are forced to become sex slaves, shared by the. At Berkeley Law, research is part of our DNA. Berkeley Law hosts more than a dozen research centers and initiatives where faculty and researchers seek solutions to wide-ranging challenges, from developing business strategies to combat global warming to safeguarding intellectual property in the global economy. Age; Caste; Class; Color; Disability; Genotype; Hair texture; Height; Language; Looks; Mental condition; Race / Ethnicity / Nationality; Rank; Religion; Sex; Sexual.

The suggestion was also made that we expel Walter from the Pacificon II as well, Girls online for sex Berkeley we were expecting a large number of young teen-agers and shouldn't let Walter make the convention his Happy Hunting Ground -- that after all we owed some protection to the kids we were gathering in.

In the Berkelet place while we could of course cancel Walter's membership, if we did so without telling fandom why, there would be a big row.