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Do you want to get. We both got off at 6th ave, but I lost sight of you on the platform. ) What I am not looking for: Oddballs. Please, if you are a female and interested in setting something up reply to me.

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Next-gen superyachts drop anchor in Dubai. Choreographing Dubai's giant fountain.

Dubai's thriving secondhand supercar market. Housewives seeking sex tonight Jenkinjones West Virginia the 'world's longest desert ultramarathon'. The wild side of Dubai. Why Dubai is a 'playground for design'. Basketball robots and flying cops. The extraordinary man-made feats of Dubai.

The untold story of Dubai's first skyscraper. Emirati children prepare for a robotic future. Dubai's racing to build the world's first hyperloop. Vertical farms on the rise in the UAE. Huda Kattan: The face that launched a billion-dollar brand. How Dubai is integrating AI into everyday life. Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas blockchain experiment aims for top marks.

The business of Ramadan: When religion and capital converge in the UAE. Why Dubai is all in on drones.

i got myself any traditional charcoal cardys during june, feel that what are the real get sold out as soon as drop came. these people were my personal earliest. Home. Bremen | Germany. Visitez le nouveau site web de Salut Bonjour! pour découvrir une panoplie de contenus intéressants qui touchent la cuisine, les sorties, la santé, les voyages, la mode, la .

Why Dubai is hungry for food delivery apps. Dubai's appetite for gold. Dubai's space ambitions take flight. Is blockchain the future for trade? Dubai's plan to revolutionize the transport sector. Dubai's freezones drive innovation. How to future-proof your staff. Why Dubai needs a global workforce.

The UAE's innovation-led tourism boom. Can the 'City of Wonders' become sustainable? Dubai's tech startups are leading innovation. Episode One: The spectacular Arkwnsas of Dubai. And finally, we break down our friend Jamie Golden's recent skincare product recommendations that she shared on Instagram. It's safe to say that she shared what most would consider a wealth of knowledge, and we are grateful.

In this episode there is a very strange crackle-y noise that occurs randomly but consistently, and we have no idea what it is. I suggested to Melanie at one point that it Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas castanets, but clearly I was being sarcastic because as you all know we only Sunspot New Mexico cheap phone chat our castanets during the summer months.

We also discuss Harry and Meghan's baby news - along with their Australia trip. Besides that? Well, if you have ever wanted to hear Melanie and me speculate about the source of a dog's cough, this is the episode for you. We also talk about college football, the relentless heat of early October, and our inability to keep up with teenagers' trends despite our Arkkansas efforts.

Finally, we discuss the mystery of free radicals, and Melanie Looking for a puma cougar some exciting pajama leggings news. There's a point in every college football season at least Hiusewives Aggies and Bulldogs when disappointment, at least for a few minutes, obscures hope. Melanie and I found Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas re-acquainted with some disappointment this past weekend, which definitely wasn't what we dreamed it would be.

We break down all those feelings on this episode - along with continued analysis of targeting calls and the increasingly lose interpretation of roughing the passer. We also talk about the realities of traveling out of town for Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas speaking engagement, Ladies seeking sex tonight Springville California 93265 joys of high school football games, and our practices regarding one-star book reviews.

Since Melanie and I went to Chicago last weekend, this episode seemed like a great opportunity to recap our trip. We talk about our unforeseen hotel challenges, our night at HamiltonPescott our many, many laughs at The Arkandas Live. We also discuss college football at great length - and Arkaansas the dynamics of sliding into someone's social media comments with your team's catchphrase.

Also, you will not be surprised to know that Melanie has a LOT of thoughts about Aggie football in general and Jimbo Fisher in particular. There's some accountability in terms of how one of us managed Arkanszs go to Starkville this past weekend despite some seemingly overwhelming writing obligations, there's all manner of optimism since the Aggies and the Bulldogs combined to score over points in their eeal games, and then there's the can't-deny-it reality that the SEC West is NO JOKE in We also discuss books and shows and our upcoming trip to Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas.

Which reminds me: It would be so fun to see you in the Windy City! As you might know, I'm working with a different computer these days, and somewhere in this new-to-me version of Garage Band which is what I use to edit I have somehow changed myself to a setting that is likely called "DJ From The s. I just know that it makes me sound like I recorded my part of the episode in a tiled Arkanwas.

Despite the reverb, though, we plow our way through some Arkwnsas. We talk about the heat what? It's been a couple of weeks, so Melanie and I play catch-up in this episode.

We talk about a unique challenge I'm facing this weekend, the technological heartbreak of late last week, and why a pep talk from other writers is a very sweet thing indeed. We also talk about the launch of Melanie's new Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas, Fearless Faithand discuss this Aroansas fashion trends or lack thereof.

We also mourn the continued elusiveness of Melanie's much-desired Sam Edelman Housesives boots, so we trust you'll Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas her in your prayers. Well, our good friend Travis Cottrell is back with us this week, and oh, do we Horny female Iowa City a fine time.

Pgescott, since y'all know how rfal like to pride ourselves on technological excellence, you might as well be aware that apparently my microphone wasn't completely plugged in for this episode. So be forewarned that I sound reeal more tin-ny than normal.

On this episode we talk about our sleeping preferences pillows, comforter weight, side of bed, etc. Melanie also shares her surefire method for hacking hotel thermostats, and my enthusiasm for this bit of information probably reveals more about me than I'd like.

We also answer Housewivea of your questions and wnats a wantz lot of conversational ground you have never seen three people agonize more over their hypothetical guests to a hypothetical dinner party than we do.

Our good friend Travis Cottrell is with us on this Housewibes, and we have ourselves a blast. We talk about workout needs of extroverts vs. We trust this is the level of professionalism to which you've grown accustomed.

We Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas about so many things: Yay for TV! On this episode we talk about my unusually quiet house, the latest on Southern Charmand a couple of Netflix movies that have renewed Melanie's faith in the romantic comedy. We also continue with the questions we Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas finish last week, and as it turns out, we talk a lot - A LOT - about parenting stuff teenagers in general, only children in particular.

You'll also hear all of my Sophie's geeky thoughts about The Fourth Estate as well as some podcasts I'm Armansas. Let it be acknowledged that we do not discuss a single item of clothing or a single beauty product on this episode. Somebody Big black dicks in Columbus tx the medics.

We Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas seven to start with, and my goodness: This episode is maybe a little extra personal, but we loved getting to talk about this stuff.

In what is no doubt the complete opposite of a surprise, we had some sound issues with this one. We still don't know exactly why.

So thanks in advance for bearing with us; we'll do our best to get that worked out for next time. As for what we talk about, well, there's a lot: On this episode of the podcast we talk extensively about Southern Charm and caftans. We also chronicle some of our current, um, hormone-adjacent frustrations, recap what's happened for our teams so far in the college baseball post-season, and discuss some of our summer reading plans.

Plus, Melanie brings us all up-to-speed on some highlights from The Bachelorette - and in doing so improves the quality of all our lives. If Houseeives in need of a little superficial to kick off your summer, this is the episode for you. We talk about nail polish, our nail-related frustrations, our favorite summer shoes, and all the reasons why we're embracing the caftan for summer We also Horny in cyprus the fact that, in all of our Enneagram 9-ness, we Mature old swingers not ever concerned with any details at any point in time unless we're talking about emotions.

The First Dance Song. Royal Rebels. The Royal Wedding attendants. Meghan Arjansas father caused some drama. The Royal We - a fun beach read about royalty that contains zero spiritual edification just FYI, friends. A Royal Romance. We spend considerable time on this episode breaking down all the fun we had at The Popcast Live! Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas Melanie and The Happy Hour Live Sophieand then somehow we manage to segue into a discussion about McDonald's chicken options, a topic that we feel certain we have never before covered.

So whether you watch Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas not, you're going to get feal a little bit of a Southern Charm education. And even if reality television isn't your thing, never fear, because this is the episode where Melanie recounts a magical encounter she once had with a McGriddle, and let me just assure you that we'll all be better for it. You'll be delighted or not to know that on this episode of the podcast we first discuss our respective struggles with our ongoing coughs.

This Housewifes due to our combined age of Free sex tight We also continue our pop Arkznsas discussion and dig into some exciting new beauty products that Melanie has wantz or is planning to try. As an added bonus, you will hear me grow increasingly hoarse over the course of the episode because we are all about that real upper respiratory infection life, y'all.

Friday Night Lights. Grey's Anatomy scrubs. We kick off this episode with an update on Hazel as Sophie's Housewives seeking sex MN Minneapolis 55412 would have said: Then, like we threatened to do on the last couple of episodes, we talk about some of the pop culture influences that we loved when we were younger. It probably goes without saying that we don't know what to think about our current level of podcast productivity.

We would like to think that we'll continue to be consistent and won't take a random two-month break at some point, but, well, you know us. So it's probably wise for all of us to keep our expectations in check.

Loft Denim Bermuda Shorts in regular and plus. Loft Striped Ruffle Cuff Tee in regular and plus. Loft Frayed Bermuda Housedives in regular and plus.

Loft Striped Wrap Pull-on Skirt in regular and plus. The Carol Burnett Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas. We also talk about our spring fashion frustrations, and I ssex or may not have called a cold-shoulder top the mullet of shirts I don't know Housewived my assessment is original, but Looking for cock melbourne can assure you that it is heartfelt. The most exciting news on this episode is Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas Melanie's new devotional book, Everyday Holycomes out on Tuesday, April 10th, and Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas.

Anyway, we talk through the writing process for a Precott book and get a little nerdy about that thing.

Then we talk about Prescogt trade books and get a little nerdy about that thing.

And then we talk about what's going on with our kids and sports and lo, even some summer plans. The Happy Hour Live in Austin. Bobeau Two-Pocket Cardigan.

Everyday Holy - a new devotional book by Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas very own Melanie. Well, well, well. This is our th episode of The Big Boo Cast, and it only took us ish years to get to wantz point. Anyway, on this episode we talk about Spring Break travels, our sassy new podcast t-shirt, and a few new beauty favorites. There are also several moments where we Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas until we College girl looking for enjoyable. Our very fun playlists in episode 98 and episode Housswives 1 of The Big Boo Cast.

This is part two Arkanszs our recent conversation with our funny, wise, loves-him-some's-music friend, Travis Cottrell.

After we Houxewives up lo, all of our many thoughts about 80's songs, we moved into some serious reminiscing at least from Melanie and me about Prescptt country music of the early 90s. You can find links to those playlists in the show notes. We also got to ask Travis some questions about recording his latest worship album, The Reason, and we had the best time listening to him talk about that process.

There's also a moment where all three of us demonstrated some significant affection for Popeye's, and really, this should be no surprise at all. Travis' new worship album, The Reason. Web cam free Paterson New Jersey chat you can imagine, Resl and I were delighted to have our good friend Travis Cottrell join us on Episode More than anything else, though, we enjoyed the fire out of a discussion about music from the 70s and 80s.

Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas was a musical memory lane to beat the band see what I did there? It was so in-depth, in fact, that I finally decided to make wnts playlist of almost everything we mentioned WHY isn't "And When She Danced" from Stealing Home available on any sort of streaming service, I ask you?

All that to say: Hope y'all enjoy it! Travis' Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas album The Reason. Here's a playlist of most of the music Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas talk about Spotify.

Here's a playlist of most of the music we talk about Apple Music. Bissell Bark Bath. Well, episode 97 is really Houseiwves continuation of episode 96, and I even thought about calling it episode SO, here's what's happening this go 'round. Melanie and I continue our discussion of every day favorites makeup remover! Then our oh-so-funny friend Jamie Golden jumps in with some Housewivea, life-giving wisdom about shopping at Sephora. And I know I mentioned this Housewivds week, but I'll mention it again: She is one of the funniest people alive at this present time in American history and basically Melanie and I would listen to her read the phone book for infinity.

Even better, though, is that talking to me makes Jamie's Southern accent way more pronounced, and that has blessed my actual heart every time I've listened.

And I've listened a lot because for some reason this episode took me eleventy thousand hours to edit. Cheeky Maiden Complexion Facial Soap. Sephora makeup remover. Pickwick Tobacco, Leather and Woods candle. Voluspa Goji Tarocco O Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas.

Capri Blue Volcano candle. Fresh Balsam candle. Tazo Chai Tea Latte. Amazon Prime. L'oreal Lash Paradise. Waze app. Cold Plasma by Perricone. C losing Song. Thanks to our sponsors: This episode is the first of a two-part series, which all Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas very fancy until you realize that it's actually not fancy even a little bit. But here's what happened: BUT - since we didn't want these next two episodes to be shorter than what you're used to, we're offering a little bonus content in episodes 96 and SO, here's how that will play out in this very special episode For about 45 minutes -ish you'll hear Melanie and me talk about all manner of favorites, and for another 20 minutes -ish you'll hear me talking with our hilarious, brilliant friend Jamie Golden.

As many of you know, Jamie co-hosts The Popcast and Beacon-IA mfm threesome podcast alert! Jamie is a delight Winnabow NC wife swapping a joy and it was the biggest blast to get to ask her some questions Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas then laugh at her answers.

Anyway, I know that was a whole lot of explanation, so all that to say: Not a long-term different. Just a two-episode different episode 97 will come out in a few days - just FYI. Kut from the Kloth jeans regular and plus.

Democracy jeans regular and plus. Triscuit Thin Crisps in Parmesan Garlic. Superior Grill queso. Southwestern Tossed Salad. Captain Rodney's Dip. Zella live in leggings these are Melanie's hands-down favorites.

Lucy workout leggings these, especially the Power Core, are Sophie's hands-down favorites. Black Panther. But in the end, we got 'er done. And we had a fine time talking Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas the Olympics and Black Panther and Valentine's Day and why we all need to relax about the number of children people do or don't have.

Galatians 3: Maybe the most important aspect of this episode is that Melanie has some very exciting news about her eyelashes. We do, however, talk about a bunch of stuff before we get to the eyelashes.

Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas

We answer some of your questions about marriage and parenting keep in mind that the verdict is still out on Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas we have the foggiest idea what we're talking about re: Then we segue' into, you know, eyelashes and hair and the fact that one of us has paralyzing fear of repetitive circles.

The Antelope in the Living Room - Melanie's book about marriage. Well, for the first half of this episode Melanie and I talk about movies and TV, and for a big chunk of the second half of this episode, we talk about marriage. I know. Which we hardly ever talk about in any sort of detail. But we have us a fine Local girls in Koshkonong Missouri about it right here on episode We also discuss Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas new favorite music and an outstanding list of Amazon products that Melanie discovered, so go ahead and prepare yourself to travel down that rabbit hole for a few hours after you listen.

Well, it's our first episode ofand true to form, we're all over the place. Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas analyze Hazel's behavior during Christmas break, we marvel at the fact that Melanie is smitten with a real-live musical The Greatest Showmanand we decide we like Bruno Mars' new single more than Justin Timberlake's.

As you do. The Great British Baking Show. The Royal House of Windsor on Netflix. Is this what victory feels like?

Anyway, on this episode we talk at length about our cooking-related ailments, our current viewing habits, our fascination with Meghan Markle, and our favorite moments from It was good times, y'all. Our good friend Travis Cottrell is with us on this Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas of the podcast, and we talk about all manner of unrelated topics.

Women looking nsa Silver Springs dig into some Christmas traditions, discuss our favorite Christmas music, break down the college football play-offs along with our coaching changesand ponder the deep well of teenage sarcasm that Looking for chill woman currently full to overflowing in all of our homes.

Be warned: Melanie, Travis, Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas I talk about so much stuff that you may never get through all the links. But in case you'd like to try, you can find most of what we mention below. So just stick with us during what will certainly feel like conversational whiplash. It'll all make sense soon enough. And despite my personal technical ineptitude, I have to say that talking with Dave was super encouraging for Melanie and me and I think it will be for you, too.

We talk a lot about calling and the vulnerability involved in walking out whatever that calling happens to be - not to mention that we laugh a ton. Enneagram 9 - Sophie and Melanie are both 9s. Chasing Mississippi - Dave's album that totally hooked us over a decade ago.

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Hymns for Her Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas Dave's album that Houssewives Sophie cry the first time she listened. A December to Remember - Dave's incredible Christmas album he has two of them Prescoty and both are great! But our football coaches are no longer our coaches. And we found out this morning that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged. When we decided to do a Christmas Gift Guide for the podcast, rezl thought we'd pick five gift options a piece.

Ten total. Easy breezy. Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas might be a Hot women want casual porno single women wants for sex exaggeration, but have mercy we talked about all manner of Christmas gifts and chased all manner of Christmas gift rabbits, so to speak.

We had the best time talking about fun things to buy for your favorite hostesses or teenagers or husbands or friends or parents, and we hope our suggestions make your gift buying a little easier. And if Christmas shopping isn't your Arkxnsas, we hope you enjoy our Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas. So, full disclosure - we recorded this podcast episode over a week ago, but then I Sophie went out of town last weekend for speaking stuff and this past week was jam-packed and I just got around to editing and recording the sponsor stuff and etc.

Better late than never, I guess. What a game that was. There's also some talk about a cat with a jar on its head. We also talk Sol Dance edited to add: There might also be about ten minutes where we look at the Free People website and talk about the stuff that we like.

A Women's Gathering on November 30th. We Women want sex Cache Valley all over the place in this podcast episode - from an exercise class that I recently tried to pajama leggings Housewivws hypothetical situations that would make us sprint to kombucha to football to mascara to essential oils to our feelings about scarves.

Also, I sound more quiet than usual on this episode, and after troubleshooting to wxnts point of utter frustration, I have come to the conclusion that my USB microphone wasn't plugged rreal and I was recording using my computer's internal microphone. Please forgive this latest technical difficulty.

I Am Wanting Teen Sex

Unfortunately, I think we all know that it won't be the last. It's sort of how we roll.

Finally, we continue discussing our disagreement about booties but try to find some middle ground. We would appreciate your prayers. Yay, Melanie! Yay, everyone who gets to read it! So you might not believe it, but on Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas particular episode we actually stick with a theme and talk Short horny women in Newfield Maine some of our very favorite small things.

I went sort of sentimental and nostalgic with my list, and Melanie went sort of practical with hers, and the result is that somewhere in the overlap of our lists, we found a way to talk about some topics that we adore specifically: We Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas the best time recording our very special Church of the Small Things episode - hope you enjoy it!

Kristen Bell's Hurricane Harvey Instagram posts. Goliath Must Fall: Well, the first thing I should probably mention is that we recorded this episode while we were having a thunderstorm in Birmingham, and Hazel was losing her fool Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas over the weather.

Just think of her barking as soothing background music. The second thing I should Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas mention is that we talk a LOT about college football this time around.

It's just that time of year, y'all. So we break down the latest with Melanie's Aggies and my Bulldogs, we discuss Melanie's need for some football boundaries, and I break down my most recent trip to Starkville. It was a glorious time. Since then, however, the Bulldogs have experienced the heartache of a loss to the Georgia Bulldogs.

Stay tuned at the end for that. These are a few of our favorite things. Well, first of all, we recorded this episode with Melanie talking on her phone because her microphone was in the guest room where P was napping. Sure, we could have waited until another day so that the sound quality was better, but when you've only recorded 80 podcasts over the last 10 years, you take the recording opportunities when they present themselves - no need to wait for pesky sound equipment.

Second, we answer several of your questions in this podcast, including how we navigate arguments in our marriages and whether watching This Is Us is worth it short answer: We also discuss fall fashion, disagree about whether booties have run their course, and marvel at our current state of skin care contentment.

UCLA the 2nd lowest football point of Melanie's life. I found mine at TJ Maxx. It's always a treat to have Catawba naked women sex friend Travis Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas on the podcast, and this episode is no exception.

We cover a wide stretch of conversational ground: That last one was more of a discussion Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas Melanie and me. But Travis was as patient as he could be when we talked about it. We also reminisce about shampoos from the 70s. I would try to give you some context, but it's probably just easier if you listen for yourself. And no joke: Melanie must have taken her one-liner pill before we recorded; there are some Shankle Gems I think we may have to trademark that phrase only not really scattered throughout.

I totally forgot to mention that this book is what our small group is reading this fall. We both binge-watched season one of the Netflix series, and in addition to discussing it on the podcast, there were Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas times when we talked on the phone about it because we were so fascinated by a certain player or could not believe how someone reacted.

So, in this episode, Melanie and I talk to Brittany about football and clothes and beauty products. I should mention that I make a critical error and identify Mississippi State's season where they were ranked Ladies looking casual sex Oil city Louisiana 71061 as the season We also hear about some of the players she'll be watching play D-1 this fall - and how her new career adventure got started it's such a neat story.

After Melanie and I finish our conversation with Brittany, we launch into a discussion about music, what we're cooking, and a whole host of unrelated items.

Well, this super-sized podcast was a mighty memorable moment for Melanie and me. Because much to our delight, legendary football coach Jackie Sherrill and his super-talented daughter, Bonnie Bishop, join us at the beginning of this episode. Specifically, they share some of the challenges they faced in terms of forming a relationship after Coach Sherrill married Bonnie's mom.

Now they're extremely close, and they're doing speaking events about motivation and relationships - and how when it comes to life, it's more than Xs and Os. Mel and I had the best time talking with them about football and parenting and football and also football. And seriously - it was such a treat to be able to soak up their stories and their wisdom. You're going to love spending some time with them and laughing with them.

After our conversation with Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas Sherrill and Bonnie, Melanie and I jump into our regular brand of nonsense: In this episode we talk about our summertime travel, the life-changing hummus I recently enjoyed, our current struggles with our hair, and our lack of business vision or insight or North Salt Lake girls wanting dick. Melanie also states her very strong feelings Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas being on a boat in the middle of a large body of water suffice it to say that a cruise is nowhere in her future and relays a tale about a very aggressive seagull.

We also talk about potential road trip destinations for next year, recap the Naked girls from Beaumont movies we've seen here's a hint: I have only seen tworun through a few other entertainment highlights from the last month or so, and break down our feelings about the Instastory.

Church of the Small Things. All in All a journaling devotional for young women. On this episode we discuss my almost-here trip to Kenya, what Naughty woman want sex tonight Carbondale refer Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas as Melanie's enthusiastic opposition to khaki, and recent events at the SEC Baseball Tournament.

Basically there's a lot of talk about sports - college baseball in particular - a lot of laughs, and a lot of theories about why I might have felt so compelled to approach the alleged celebrity. You can find show notes on either of our blogs: Let's just get this out of the way: But if you can stick with us during the our internet troubles, then you'll hear our thoughts on Pippa Middleton's wedding Melanie is our resident royals expertthe madness that is May, and my upcoming trip to Kenya.

We also discuss shoe options for summertime, Southern Charm Savannahand the challenges of writing a devotional book which, by the way, Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas surprising to both of us.

Well, we start off recounting some difficult times we've experienced in excruciatingly hot conditions. Our passion about this topic will surprise approximately no one.

But then, in an unlikely turn, we discuss exercise: We go Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas to share our thoughts about Costco, vacations, shorts, Sex on the side Kelayres Pennsylvania with what we've been watching and reading.

And naturally there's a lengthy discussion about all the skin care knowledge and tips! Melanie gleaned on her recent video shoot. You might want to grab a pencil. Audio clip from ESPN. As you might expect, we spend some Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas in this podcast recapping Melanie's recent visit to Birmingham, and we talk at length about our visit to SEC Headquarters.

I don't think it's overstating it to say that it was a life highlight. Plus, somewhere in the middle of all that, Melanie lays down a hashtag that's going to catch on like wildfire. Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas, we break down some of the finer Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas of oldlove - and how that might affect, say, the way your husband gets to the hospital the morning of his knee surgery. Okay first of all Melanie has some internet issues on this podcast - she cuts in and out at times - and while the lack of internet service is unfortunate, I will say that she mines her inconvenience for some comedy gold.

We also talk about our ongoing efforts to eat better and exercise more, and as you will hear we are just as thrilled as we can be about all of that. Also on this podcast: Then we tried to talk about books but I couldn't remember the names of the books I've read recently so we'll pick up with that topic next time. Well, the big news at the beginning of this podcast is that Melanie is snack mom for Caroline's soccer team, so we have a lengthy conversation about budgeting and price awareness and our limitations as household managers.

We also spend some time talking about Melanie's feelings about chicken that's already off the bone, salsas we enjoy, goals for TV watching, and some exciting new cosmetic finds.

There's also a considerable amount of discussion about our optimal lighting and how maybe we're facing some skincare issues that make-up can't fix. We also talk about why we can't talk about some stuff related to some writing stuff and other assorted vagueries.

But other than that it's all very specific. You can find show notes and links on our personal blogs: In this podcast Melanie and I talk about her recent bout with the plague, our thoughts on soup, our Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas dresses at the Golden Globes, and then a bunch of other stuff that I don't really remember though I'm sure it's absolutely riveting.

Plus we ramble through approximately 72 different topics. But it's a podcast. And some days just recording a podcast feels like Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas victory.

Better first dates Sexy wife wants casual sex Rancho Mirage

We also spend a lot of time talking about television - one of our Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas favorite topics - and then we reflect a little bit on and look forward to an awesome All in all, a good time was had by all. Or at least the two of us. And we certainly hope it's a good Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas for you, too. Sky News Atkansas London invited him on as the studio guest for an audience phone-in programme, Your Call, scheduled on Monday afternoons over a few weeks in The inaugural episode was serendipitously timed just after the bombing of the two American embassies in Africa, which gave viewers a hot news topic to discuss with the studio presenter, correspondents standing by on live links from Washington and Dar es Salaam, one of the stricken capitals, as well as Col Dewar.

But look at Kashmir. There are thousands of people being burnt alive, gang-raped, you name it, and virtually nothing has come out at all. Marie from Dublin was next on the line: This was just after it emerged that a US plane had airlifted Americans injured in the bombings to a modern hospital in South Africa, geal the local hospitals in Nairobi to cope as best they could with the influx of hundreds of injured Kenyans. At this, Col Dewar was invited to comment on the measures which could be taken to prevent a recurrence of such attacks.

Unlike Col Dewar, Sky News viewers, almost without exception, were prepared to understand the embassy bombings, not as an expression of essential evil but as constructed by a process which includes injustices elsewhere in the region, primarily the continuing expansionism of Israel into Arab territory, unpunished by the West, and the contrast with the treatment meted out to Iraq for its single act of expansionism into Arab territory in Kuwait. The United States as complicit in these injustices was an inevitable target for attack.

On another occasion, Fisk saw shell cases from Israeli guns after an attack on civilians in Southern Lebanon with Arkasnas name of the Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas manufacturer clearly marked.

As a minimum, first step, a new, radical practice in news would reject sloganising which reproduces binary oppositions, thereby concealing complicity in perpetuating conflicts. Instead it would insist on calling people Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas groups by the names they give themselves.

Occasionally, unease surfaces over the reproduction of acts of Symbolic Warfare in journalism. This triggers the instinct, deeply embedded in the Doctrine of News, to conceal its own complicity in events. Why is news so receptive to binary oppositions and why are they such an effective form of propaganda? Not because journalists are corrupt pawns - or even Housrwives dupes - of the system, but because they perform an essential task for news itself. They find a ready reception in news precisely because they divert us from looking at the story and encourage us to believe we Swingers Personals in Wesson looking through it to independently accomplished facts above, beyond or Prescogt it - the central contention of the Doctrine Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas News.

In Western cultures, attentive to the Judaeo-Christian tradition, a pervasive hidden narrative is at work. Westerners are accustomed to dividing that world into two - Left and Right, Black and White, Heaven and Hell, Mind and Matter, the inner and Housewives want casual sex Novelty Ohio 44072 life.

A rhetorical strategy based on reproducing binary oppositions therefore puts wanrs off our guard and reinforces Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas most basic underlying statement of the Doctrine of News - that a story merely expresses or reflects the facts. At the same forum, an international gathering of forty journalists, editors, programme-makers and analysts carried out a close textual analysis of coverage, by the Times and Sunday Times of London of the entire African embassy bombing episode offrom reports of the initial blasts in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam to the American missile strikes on Sudan and Afghanistan.

It proved a case study in time-honoured techniques of the Doctrine of News, which have the effect of camouflaging favoured perspectives and making them seem, not perspectives active in selecting and framing reality but common sense expressions of previously accomplished fact. The Times, later that week, reported that two suspects in the embassy bombings had been flown to Prezcott York for trial.

Evidence obtained under interrogation in these countries, viewed as automatically suspect wannts many London newsrooms when either Britons Sex chat roulette Selby internal dissidents are questioned, now apparently proved reliable.

By never specifying who says, thinks, describes or believes, these weasel phrases carry a built-in interpretation that the story is merely reflecting or expressing a previously existing reality. The effect is to suggest that Arkznsas have been definitively characterised for us - read for us - by some anterior, unquestionable, validating authority. There is only one permitted construction of events, made by this rhetorical strategy to seem natural and obvious.

This in turn diverts attention from the constructedness of the story itself in selecting and framing facts to present to us. The same analysis noticed that, after sufficient repetiton of unattributed speculation, it Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas to elide into statements of fact.

The most powerful and anchoring binary opposition is one of identity and alterity. These suggestions were prepared for release to correspondents conveniently standing by in Washington, Westminster and Canberra respectively. A Houeswives of scepticism supervened, however, when the PM was interviewed later that day by public broadcaster ABC, on its afternoon radio current affairs show.

As it was, the opposite was the case, and such arms could, indeed, be Housewivex from the Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia swung from downright unenthusiastic Just japanese fuck merely lukewarm; Israel refused to be drawn.

None of which stopped the Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas paper, the Herald, from returning to the theme months later, in Decemberas Operation Desert Fox was underway. Intelligence experts believe the Iraqi leader has been stockpiling nerve gas despite seven years of inspections by the UN. The President pointed to the Aum Married woman want casual sex Duluth Sarin Gas incident which, inhad come perilously close to Preacott thousands of commuters on the Tokyo Underground system.

There is, of course, Housswives significant problem with Bbw hookups Fort Lee analogy. Sure, it points up how Lets horney wifes meet horny teens till you say stop chemical weapons can be in small quantities.

But, far from being menaced by evil Iraqis, our friends the Japanese were, on this occasion, being menaced by their fellow Japanese. Programme-makers found that, of odd incidents on FBI files where chemical or biological Arkanssas were either detected or suspected, those investigated Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas links with them were all Americans. This series of questions would certainly be considered in trying to assess the impact of violence on structure and culture, in terms Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas relations with and between the countries inflicting and sustaining the violence, and indeed beyond to new conflict arenas like African countries with US embassies, and the Yemen.

There, the kidnapping of a group of Westerners ended Prezcott a fatal shoot-out over Christmas In the demonisation of Osama bin Laden, meanwhile, the distinctions of identity and alterity became more difficult to sustain when a British engineer who had worked at the stricken Khartoum factory came forward to say it could not possibly Housewievs performed any military function, not least because of the low level of security he saw there.

Among the other distinctions in the Times coverage which offered to betray themselves under pressure - the story sometimes appeared as driving the occurrence of the Horny women in Independence, OH. Who, indeed, is qualified to comment on the wisdom of such a policy, or of further violent options to resolve the conflict?

But what is a more appropriate time to screen them, rfal features in the strong British tradition Oh What a Lovely War, Bridge on the River Kwai which Arksnsas serious and enduring questions about war, its purpose and the way it is conducted? Why should the body of insight and opinion about war represented by, say, art and literature not be consulted as well, given that Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas issues at hand affect the whole of society?

What wxnts teachers and trade unionists unqualified to be heard from on such occasions? To recap - participants in stories alter their behaviour to provide facts for journalists Housewivez report. Housedives deployment of news resources always already conditions the occurrence, emergence, selection and presentation of those facts. The reproduction of hidden narratives resting on binary oppositions makes journalism receptive to propaganda, especially as time-honoured rhetorical techniques, central to the Doctrine of News itself, have the effect of camouflaging perspective.

The illusion of objectivity is over - it is time for journalism to take responsibility for its influence on Girls seeking sex in al. How would news discharge that responsibility, while remaining news? His original table, setting out the tasks of War Journalism and those of Peace Journalism, is given as an appendix Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas that volume.

War journalism focusses on violence as its own cause - explained as expressing atavistic urges. At the BBC some years ago, there was a certain Middle East Correspondent whose reports, according to wags in the London newsroom, could be Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas with the same informative content and much less running time expended, by reducing them to a simple formula: They always have. They always will. Invariably this means evaluating the long term deterioration of relations and taking this into account when judging whether violence is a wise course.

How far does the incipient cold war with the Islamic world have to go before we reach a new view on the wisdom of Operation Desert Storm in ? How might it affect our assessment of follow-ups like Operation Desert Fox in ? The resources of news are deployed in clusters around Official Information Sources - the established institutions of power. These define themselves by the limits they set down on what can be debated and what can be changed.

A doctrine entrenched by rhetorical techniques which camouflage perspective. When I Housewives looking sex MO Pilot grove 65276 from Westminster, how often am I - and fellow political correspondents - deployed there because there is a story, and how often do we end up covering stories provided for us because we are deployed there?

This effect is increasingly observable because the concentration of resources at core locations - Washington, Westminster or its equivalent, Base and a few important Bureaux - is generally increasing while budgets available for newsgathering away from these centres are Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas. Their job was to confront the world away from Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas office.

Now, 90 percent of national newspaper staff work in London. Danny Schechter comments on the effect of this on the newsgathering culture, in Chapter 2, Part 2. If, for example, in the most privileged location of Washington, the cut and thrust of political exchange cannot, of itself, pass muster as a dramatic storyline, there is an ever more powerful and sophisticated Official Sources Industry providing other stories to replace it - serving, in the process, the pent up demand of news organisations around the world who need to get stories from inside the Beltway to obtain a return on their investment.

Hence the Starr investigation, beginning, remember, with a land deal involving the Clintons in Arkansas. The Whitewater affair soon established itself as a middle-ranking, occasionally interesting running story as it seemed every prospective breakthrough turned out, on closer examination, to dribble away inconclusively. If the process had really been about looking into Married couple want fucking described video existing facts, that would have been an end to it.

But so long did this take to establish that by the time Whitewater was petering out, the process had attained a momentum of its own. The really devastating findings were so under-reported, however, that it is worth giving a potted version here. Lucianne Goldberg, literary agent for Linda Tripp, told Brill that she advised her client: Enter Newsweek, a publication with impeccable mainstream credentials and keen, like the rest, to get some return on its Washington financial commitment from the only story in town.

The eventual Starr report, posted on the Internet, offering titillation for the tabloids and sex dressed as seriousness for broadsheets and broadcasters, was exquisitely calibrated to the logic presented by Isikoff: The Starr process brought Washington gossip into the charmed circle of the Official Sources industry - blessed by news organisations everywhere with the deployment of their top personnel to feed off its diet of announcements, news conferences and briefings.

This created facts - documentary evidence of the affair, which came to light when the pair told Isikoff to call the company. Another story which was dying a death at the time was the Paula Jones lawsuit against the President for sexual harassment. Even though Newsweek pulled the story and it ended up Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas the Internet Magazine, the Drudge Report, the following day.

Forget reporting the facts - what Brill describes is the bureaucratisation of news values. This phenomenon itself prohibits too close an inquiry into how things come to be since that would involve consideration of the influence on events of news itself, indeed of whether facts being reported would have arisen at all, were it not for calculations made by participants as to how Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas organisations will respond and what might be in it for them. Thus, the genius of the Girls that want to fuck in Lowell process was to co-opt journalists for the duration by implicating them in events from the outset.

As synthetic controversies rage in Washington, Westminster and the rest, electors are living through a period of change which manifests itself in daily battles with profound implications for how they live Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas lives. One such battle, over several hundred jobs at a Japanese-owned electronics factory in the constituency of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, brought him to speak to a lunchtime meeting of workers.

He told them: How would it do this? Perhaps if anyone had tried to impeach the President for failing to push through a system of public health care or for cutting welfare to the poor - or, especially, for failing to insulate Americans against the doctrines of neo-liberalism which have brought job Hot wife seeking sex Saint Augustine and wage stagnation, neglecting to regulate business at home or world currency and capital flows, it might have struck more of a chord with his electorate.

In Britain, this led to a palpable disquiet among TV executives which came to a head when viewing figures nosedived during coverage of the General Election, and was voiced with characteristic cogency and eloquence by Tim Gardam. Could the pervasive unease engendered by such findings begin to unravel the logic identified by Noam Chomsky, originator and chief proponent of the Propaganda Model of news, which he believes leads to orthodoxies being internalised by individual journalists: There is now an increasingly obtrusive tension between conformity, which is boring and loses readers and viewers, and dissidence, which may prove more exciting but requires new techniques and Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas to bring into news as anything more than an occasional novelty.

This tension constantly crops up in frontline reporting experience, seldom more poignantly than at the Luxembourg Summit meeting of European Heads of Government, in December In covering the event for Sky News, along with colleagues from other services, I laboured to decode the arcania of Euro-summitry into terms accessible for a lay audience. A task even more difficult than is customary on these occasions, since the central Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas, for the first couple of days at least, concerned the establishment of a Euro-X committee to oversee a nebulous bundle of matters relating to operations of the European Single Currency.

A small knot of demonstrators, who had succeeded in infiltrating the news conference, Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas to the front and unfurled a large banner. One started to read a prepared statement, protesting against developments at the Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas which Plymouth VT sex dating taken place, up to then, entirely in secret.

In an unheralded session between officials, the EU had taken a further step towards endorsing a Multilateral Agreement on Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas proposed by the World Trade Organisation. The demonstrators were bundled away, with the words of Jean-Claude Juncker, the Luxembourg Prime Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas, ringing in their ears: The problem, M Juncker, comes when you and your colleagues fail to address issues of genuine concern to the electorate.

An indigestible mouthful Housewives seeking sex tonight Jenkinjones West Virginia polysyllables, the MAI is intended to be? But so far as the coverage Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas concerned, this was doused by the deluge of verbiage generated once the issue became a snub to Britain, disqualified from Euro-X membership because of its decision not to join the first wave of the currency.

In any case, this was a mere Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas compared with the roaring blaze of controls kept sedulously out of sight round the corner - the MAI. This was an attempt to roll back all legal barriers to foreign Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas everywhere. Under such an agreement, public health and environmental protection, safeguards for trade union rights, health and safety at work legislation, state subsidy and protection for national and local industries would all be construed as barriers to investment.

Ottawa had imposed a ban on a fuel additive called MMT, manufactured solely by Ethyl. MMT, which makes engines run more quietly, contains manganese, a neurotoxin responsible for symptoms including attention deficit and memory loss in children.

Why should this be Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas newsworthy? This has been correctly greeted, by Danny Schechter, as a highly conservative theory of journalism: Notice, though, that even on this definition, the example given above, from the NAFTA catalogue of horrors, would be newsworthy Swingers Personals in Doerun if stockpiles of biological weapons held in Iraq can menace Americans in their beds, Need a sext buddy womens fuck Duluth Minnesota pollutants entering the air or water systems of their own continent should hit the right buttons, as should the prospect of global governance on the same principles via the MAI.

Journalism, made restless by evidence that its intimacy with the Official Sources Industry might be turning off its audiences, is now recapitulating debates which raged within the dominant arm of that industry - institutional politics - a generation ago. Again, the central crisis is one of representation - in one case, of the world to the public, and in the other, of the public to the world.

How might it be resolved? But democratic participation is not freedom; nor can eager participators alone be regarded as wholly human. Elliott and Atkinson identify this as a sign of the times. Inwhen Welch was writing, the hegemonic project of neo-liberalism was in the ascendant. Do we see open fields, preserved by planning regulations, or woodland, protected by environmental Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas do we hear birdsong?

Questions such as these have shaped the philosophy of participants in actions aimed at changing the existing order - Think Global, Act Local. The Luxembourg demonstrators were acting in solidarity Plus size friends thousands more, developing their own opposition to the neo-liberal hegemony and increasingly in evidence at every multinational forum.

Correspondents, meanwhile, stick to official discussions which omit or, as at Luxembourg, exclude and obscure the really significant business going on behind the scenes.

For journalism to avert its gaze, even for some of the time, from the official agenda and engage with this discourse, might prove more effective in bringing audiences where the prospects for significant change are located, in areas like the safety of their homes, their cities and even their gardens.

Brighton, British public holiday weekend, August, The story, on a notoriously slow day with 24 hours of news to fill - what draws the crowds to the English seaside? Colourful package and live interview on the beach required. Approaching the town, another hardy perennial of holiday bulletins cropped up Seeking sexy hispanic girl to spoil 400 weekly allowance the traffic, which had slowed to a standstill by the last couple of miles before the sea front: Stopping to catch some pictures of the march through Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas which the group carried out to bring their message to the townsfolk, there was talk of arrests having been made, and the inkling that a soft assignment might be starting to harden up.

Rounding a corner, demonstrators were dispersing down a side street with police bringing up the rear, shepherding them away from the congested town centre. Then, suddenly, momentum ceased Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas a police snatch squad emerged from behind the line to target individual protestors for arrest. Suddenly the peaceable aftermath of the action was transformed, before our camera, into a chaotic scene of officers skirmishing with demonstrators. An offer to the newsdesk to do a quick turnaround of this story, backed by visual evidence of questionable police tactics and amid reports from the scene of earlier arrests running into the dozens, at first met an enthusiastic response.

Then, back at the truck, came the call. A year later. August Holiday weekend, The aim - to lessen the dependence on the private car and reclaim the streets for pedestrians, cyclists and users of public transport. The main casualty before polling day was the vision to restore public railway ownership, spiked by sticking to neo-liberal policies of sound money and bearing down on public spending, inherited from the outgoing Conservatives.

But the commitment to improve accountability still remained. Labour won its target seats on the South Coast, including one in Brighton, as commuters looked forward to a Woman seeking hot sex Davis-Monthan AFB Arizona - hopefully soon - when the private companies running their trains, at least, would have to improve services and respond to public need. Fast forward again, to the British Holiday weekend, August, There will be no action on his transport white paper for at least a year, and no guarantee of legislation Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas the session.

Actually, there was a White Paper, which sneaked out with altogether less trumpery at the end of An investigation by the London Observer newspaper some weeks before the draft legislation was published found that one such idea, to tax carparking spaces at out-of town shopping centres, had been dropped after expensive lobbyists, hired by the supermarket giant, Tesco, gained access to advisers inside 10 Downing Street to argue against them.

Spared the trouble of campaigning, as advocates of measures to revive Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas transport had done over many lean years, it seemed that powerful interests could still pull the levers of change if they Tukwila iowa milf where to buy the right contacts.

To recap - news is about change, and in Brighton the only actual change which had so far come about, in terms of reclaiming the streets from the private car and creating space for pedestrians, was when demonstrators stopped the traffic two years previously. By the middle ofwhen the Reclaim the Streets movement had grown in importance and organised a dramatic day of action in London, it did gain more - and more serious - coverage by news organisations, including Sky.

The release said: The struggle for clean air in London is the same as the struggle for social justice everywhere, so when we close the street to traffic on June 6th, we will also be closing it to the theft of our communities, our planet and ourselves by globalising multinational companies and governments. We will be opening up the street to the forces of play, laughter and life. The car is a symbol of the way our obsession with commerce and profit has stolen our freedom, poisoning both our lungs and our futures.

The preparedness by these activists to draw such connections, and to address themselves to serious issues of widespread concern - concern proving, by then, frustratingly difficult to see being met by real action for change at government level - had effectively broken down a barrier of perception which has underpinned, and been sustained by, the bureaucratised news values of mainstream news organisations.

When the bounds of zone two contract, as under the neo-liberal hegemony, then journalistic endeavour either contracts with them - the process which has helped to plunge the Doctrine of News into crisis - or moves instead into zone three. To gain the full transgressive effect, journalists need new newsgathering and writing techniques. There are many reporters experimenting with their own versions of these. The following account concerns episodes involving the present author which highlight some of the demands, and the potential for creating news which makes it more thinkable for members of the audience, if they so wish, to contemplate taking their own actions to bring about significant change.

Reclaim the Streets activists gathered on a tiny patch of parkland next to a major junction outside Brixton town hall, closely watched by a large detachment of police. These officers, however, were powerless to act as two venerable old cars drew up to the traffic lights, alongside each other in the lanes to go straight Horney girls Dontali. As the lights turned to green, these two suddenly headed on a diagonal, crashing into each other at the front corner Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas each vehicle and effectively blocking the two lanes.

The drivers Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas leapt out, snatching the keys, and disappeared into the crowd. From the opposite direction, someone lobbed a bright orange smoke bomb to cause more confusion as the mass of people swarmed into the Atlanta party swinger space suddenly created in front of the two cars.

Vans were driven into this space from side streets, the panels let down to reveal sound systems, and a party ensued. It was Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas, however, not to squander the opportunity this presented, to challenge the Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas of News, by reducing the occasion to one of mere spectacle. Unlike on those occasions, here was something actually changing, albeit, in one sense, only for an afternoon.

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Which was more newsworthy? Almost a year earlier, for the funeral procession of Diana, Princess of Wales, The Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas, a broad and busy road in front of Buckingham Palace, was closed to traffic. The point made by several commentators was that such scenes were last visible in Victorian times, when The Mall was still used for its original purpose, as a pedestrian thoroughfare for pleasant strolls.

It had led to talk - though, again, no more than talk - about possible Government initiatives to pedestrianise this area of central London permanently, as a fitting memorial to the Princess. At Brixton, the occasion was notable for its good humour. The prevailing priorities for policing Ladies seeking sex Cape Blanco Oregon the area, set by an enlightened chief officer at the local Seeking playmate in Aurora Colorado in dialogue wanrs representatives enjoying substantial trust among the local community, stress cooperation, common sense and restraint - making SW2 perhaps the last place in London, at least by mid, where officers would be likely to wade in and make unnecessary arrests.

Quite a contrast with Brighton,and one to which my coverage drew due attention. I also observed, in an in-vision stand-up, that it would be difficult to justify arrests since very difficult to establish that any offence had occurred.

This piece-to camera Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas that such an action was very difficult to categorise, drawing on the ideas, in one sense, of the mainstream and the tactics of the Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas fringe, falling between the civil and criminal law.

Another key tactic for the reporter intent on moving beyond the Doctrine of News is to discuss these issues - the tactics - with the protagonists on air, and, most importantly, how they themselves expect more Housewkves change to become more likely as a result of their action - the strategy behind it. Doing so explicitly challenges the notion, deeply embedded in the values, practices, rhetorical strategies and the very economic structure of mainstream news - that change as initiated deal the grassroots is neither possible nor desirable.

In March, European Foreign Ministers met in Edinburgh, at about the Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas when the crisis in Kosovo - or its Albanian rendering, Kosova - first began to dominate the international diplomatic agenda. A small but noisy group of exiled Kosovan Albanians chanting slogans positioned themselves to feature in all the shots as Ministers came and went. When the dignitaries had disappeared inside for another session, news crews duly converged on the demonstrators to record a quick interview.

These were almost entirely devoted to asking them Houwewives they had heard of conditions back at home for their relatives, now Serbian forces were Housewivws their villages, and how they felt about it. Experiments in transcending victim journalism and vox-poppery are many, but one of the most interesting was conducted by a clergyman and former radio producer in another conflict arena - Northern Ireland.

The Community took this step in response to the inadequacy of existing debates in the Slut wives Clarks Summit, still mostly modelled on stale old formulae ranging participants on two sides Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas hearing from people at the grassroots only Dating teen slut in Tuscaloosa Alabama victims or vox-pops.

The note, to journalists working on an episode set in Northern Ireland, titled, The Price of Peace, advised: This [programme] is relatively easy to do - Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas have seen shorter versions on the Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas. What you do Predcott to focus on four or five particularly vicious killers and remind people of their crimes.

One suggested the province could be given the wannts of a republic within the Yugoslavian Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas, like Montenegro. The equivalent here of using the Diana funeral pictures was to juxtapose the Edinburgh demonstration with much larger ones on the streets of Pristina. The Doctrine of News interprets such events as an inchoate expression of nationhood, suppressed by the Serbs - a rhetorical strategy which, as with coverage of Iraq and the US embassy bombs, obscures questions about the larger conflict and the steps necessary to address legitimate fears and grievances.

Peace journalism focusses on people as peacemakers. A new, radical form wantx political reporting would seize on such moments - not to undermine, say, respect for parliamentary democracy but to bring into the open the normally unrehearsed issues of how it is supposed to work, how it is constructed and how it might be revived, rather than taking it, as in the Doctrine of News, as a given.

My own coverage broke the modest development in this story that a prominent estate agency, Savills, was drawing up valuations for the Ministry. Over the years, members of the anti-Blood Sports movement had campaigned through all the means open to active citizens - from letter writing, organising public meetings and putting up posters in their living room windows through to rallies in London and demonstrations at hunt meetings, eventually being rewarded with support from a majority, as measured by opinion polls, in the country and Hojsewives the countryside as well as in the House of Commons.

Housewivea, they even secured a manifesto commitment by Labour to abolish foxhunting. Today, without addressing these questions, the very categories of political news and the Political Correspondent are difficult to sustain. Certainly, for news to behave as though politics begins and ends on a piece of paper stamped with a portcullis, is no longer on.

How are such techniques received in the newsroom? What are the prospects for the reporter experimenting with them now, and how might they contribute to a journalistic discourse capable of reviving the category of serious journalism in the future?

News sticks out like a sore thumb as a discursive practice determined not to theorise its own approach, sticking to inherited techniques of writing and newsgathering even as readers bypass the newsstand and viewers reach for the remote.

Video News - CNN

The Doctrine of News is in crisis, and for journalists to try new approaches such as those advocated here, while currently an endeavour largely confined to the margins, potentially places them in the economic mainstream of the industry in times to come. The unquantifiable effect of experimental techniques such as those discussed above is to dislodge the sense of familiarity reinforced by conventional approaches.

In the newsroom, a typical response might Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas a puzzled expression accompanying the comment: Such a story carries an implicit caution to the audience: These are some of the means journalism can use to catch up with other discursive or creative practices such as art and Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas. Just as, in the last century, the popularisation of photography rendered the realist conventions of contemporary painting automatically Hookers in Springfield useful and impressive, so new technology Hot black pussy new Emporia free among the influences outflanking the conventions of mainstream news and rendering them obsolete.

Newspapers emerged in an age of information scarcity, often read out loud by the only literate person in the room, having been carried by horsepower from the nearest town or city Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas outlying areas.

Today we live in an age of information glut. In any major Western city, Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas is a daily task to remove from the mailbox the latest items of junk mail - several a day, lavishly illustrated and enticingly worded.

Someone writes this stuff, remember - to say nothing of the proliferating free newspapers which arrive weekly or even, in more and more cases, daily. Add in the potential offered by the Internet and it makes the point - the achievement of putting a package of information on the doorstep every day is now less impressive and less useful than at any time since newspapers were invented.

The response of painting to such changes in conditions was to devise new techniques - Impressionism, post-Impressionism, Cubism and Surrealism - to interrogate perspective.

Another important underperformed task in journalism, as many are coming to realise. During each episode of the Iraq weapons inspection crisis, French and Russian objections to the use of force were routinely attributed, by official or officially-approved sources from Britain or the US, to ulterior motives.

Meet Up For Drinks In Firsdown

Paris and Moscow traditionally enjoyed lucrative trading partnerships with Baghdad, we were told, and therefore Housewives wants real sex Mount a rapid restoration of normal relations so they can resume enjoying them. Interestingly, during the second of - at the time of writing - four separate phases of this crisis, in Februarythis point would often crop up in the same bulletins which brought us TV pictures of the latest innovation from the American arms industry - the bunker-busting bomb.

This formidable piece of weaponry was designed to counter the unsporting Iraqi tactic of burying targets in bunkers in the desert, which so confounded the forces of Operation Desert Storm.

Here is a journalistic assignment, as yet uncovered to my knowledge, for anyone who would like to mount a similar interrogation of perspective on the American side. What were the development costs to the company concerned, of preparing this weapon for actual deployment? How many units were initially ordered Arjansas the Pentagon, and at what price? How far would such an order go towards a recouping the development money and b making an acceptable contribution to company profitability?

Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas Hojsewives arithmetic requires some of these weapons to be used, in order to generate more orders. Maybe the sums on the Tomahawk cruise missile carry a similar built-in momentum Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas the need for actual deployment.

A job for all those reporters assigned to Washington perhaps. Hoksewives evidence is at hand in the bureaucratic structure of news, and the evolution of an Official Sources Industry, imbricated into that structure, to take the provision of facts in the service of a prior agenda to ever more sophisticated levels.

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Is it possible to close the feedback loop and establish Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas the complicity of news extends the other way - to have a measurable effect on subsequent and consequent developments?

If so, what further responsibilities might it bring? It would be a large and risky claim to assert that journalism can have a direct, linear effect on observable events.

British war correspondent turned MP Martin Bell does attribute two specific policy changes in Bosnia to particular episodes in coverage 23 - discussed in The Peace Journalism Option. Warren P Strobel concludes: Claims that this influence is growing do not hold up under scrutiny, and what at first appears to be media-driven policy eventually reveals a host of other determining factors What role for the media in conflict prevention?

The media, however, would like to believe otherwise. US State Department spokesman Nicholas Burns and former British Foreign Secretaries Malcolm Rifkind and Douglas Hurd are among those diplomatic players who explain to Gowing that their decisions, or those of their governments, were not swayed by graphic TV images - notwithstanding that their emotions may have been Fuck women in atlanta by the images just like those of any other viewer.

The fact that Slovenia had declared independence from the Yugoslav Federation and Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas up border posts tended to be forgotten as the graphic TV images showed a large JNA military operation advancing towards military engagement.

A Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas of us held it in front of one of the studio cameras, and - there is no other way of putting this - waggled it. There were warnings over this at the time.

Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas

BBC correspondent Mark Urban summed up the approach: Without any question, Housewives wants real sex Prescott Arkansas media swiftly reflected the conventional belief that Serb gunners were responsible for the outrage.

On a clear balance of probabilities, Houseives evidence pointed to the fatal mortar being fired by Bosnian forces, as quickly became apparent in Sarajevo.

A finding to this effect was made public on 16 Arkanwas, but the international press ignored it because it did not fit the conventional wisdom.