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Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address Its COLD provided with an activation link.

Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Image credits: But despite the Its COLD, one former English teacher has stood up in defense of the holiday song. The pop hit was written Its COLD Frank Loesser in and as you will read, perhaps you Nsa women Marydel Maryland to adjust your historical lens to understand the real meaning. Like what you're reading?


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Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app! Infact I've now discovered that it's an offence not to Its COLD offended by the offensive subject or object Its COLD the offender find offensive You're not the only one Here's my take on this If you're offended by this then so be it.

Sorry but not COOLD. I'm offended by your opinions because I can't accept it.

That's just my take on society today. The word "nowadays" is extremely offensive Chris Gill. Are Its COLD somehow trying to imply that there's something wrong with "thenadays"? Seeing as there It 8 billion people on the planet and assuming that all of Its COLD are offended by at least one thing, it would be safe to say that there isn't a thing that won't offend someone. Woah woah woah, Watch it there, that question could offend someone Okay, at least, remove the obvious ones.

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The easily offended can even pick Its COLD Christmas carols and find dangerous connotations! I remember that when I was little and my parents had friends over, I even heard my mom say "What's in this drink" when they are laughing Its COLD having a good time.

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Completely innocent and fun times. Sometimes I wish the easily offended would drop over like Its COLD fainting goats! How dare you??! Its COLD identify myself as a question mark gender, why is my kin in the end of the sentence?

At least, I hope so. It's positively unwholesome.

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Gets into people brains Stop-motion but not claymation. Some people are just addicted to pats on the back for how woke they are. They'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes. As Its COLD much as Itss want to answer your question, I won't because I might offend these intelligent people that makes simple things so complicated just to get attention and just to be able Its COLD show that they're better than you.

Its COLD, I'll just keep the answer to myself so that these fucking know-it-alls won't be offended. This comment is hidden. Click here to view.

Stop making the mistake of reducing everyone's observations and concerns down to "just being offended". It's shallow reasoning, intellectually lazy and misses a very important point. Cultural norms at any given point in time directly impact the actions of people in the moment Its COLD how one expects the other or COLDD to react or not react.

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Regardless of the "context" of the time, as a culture we're much more aware of boundaries in social settings of what crosses a line from being harmlessly flirtatious to outright creepy and rapey. We're much more aware of these warning signs today. It all boils down to how people In modern-day may interpret this song to communicate an accepted practice of tirelessly chasing after someone after they've said "no" numerous times. If the song is interpreted by a male as "No, Its COLD Yes" If the song is interpreted by a female that it's perfectly acceptible for men to be very persistent, then she may find herself raped.

You're obviously not very bright, Jared, and stop using "rapey," it makes you look stupid even if the rest of what you said hadn't achieved that by itself. This is from a time when conventions made it unacceptable in cinema for a lady to just say "yes I want to spend the night with you" to a man.

While in a modern context, the song is truly cringey, the subtext of the song, even without Its COLD what "What's in Its COLD drink? They both want to spend the night together, and she's worried about what people might Its COLD of her. In a way, that's also a bit cringey through modern eyes, but hardly offensive.

If we start banning every Its COLD that might not fit into modern tastes, we'll have nothing left. Grow up, people. There's nothing at all "cringey" in Its COLD song even from a modern context.

Unless you're a complete retard, or just want those pats Its COLD the back for your faux-enlightenment, there's no way you could see this as anything other than playful banter by two people who both want this to happen. Not only could she not outright say she wanted to stay, but he couldn't outright just ask her either - Divorced couples searching flirt chat rooms adult could you today, unless you want to come across as a real pig.

Today's social retards raised on cellphones don't know how to do Its COLD today. I've insisted once or twice. But it had nothing to do with getting laid- the roads were crap, and it wasn't safe to be driving. Using the terms retard s and pig ok, maybe not pig so much.

We would have the songs that fit in to modern taste. The only way we wouldn't have anything left would be if nothing was in modern taste. What's funny is the lyrics have always been Its COLD same.

People weren't so offended though, artists were covering it, hell it was even in the movie Elf. But now radio stations are banning it and people are outraged. What Its COLD that tell you? Manufactured outrage. Maybe because Its COLD easier to be "offended" about such things, than being offended by everyday things that we got used to as being "normal" but are not and do something about it that requires more than a comment Hampton Township fl women casual sex a re-tweet?


I mean Frank Loesser wrote this song for he and Its COLD wife to perform at parties, people are reading way too much into it. Your comment just Its COLD me realize, after all these years of all the cry-babies feeling offended by things like the blue sky, are using the "offended" line as an excuse for not Ita what little brain they have.

Thanks for the insight! A very Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukah to yuu!! Let's not forget that when it was in the movie "Elf" he was in the bathroom, while she was taking Its COLD shower.

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But I get tired at radio stations, tv programmers and advertisers changing their media because some conservative idiots get their undies in a twist over Its COLD they clearly don't understand.

Here's a solution.

Former “Star Trek” actor William Shatner has taken a hard stance on the ongoing controversy surrounding the Christmas song “Baby It's Cold. Letra e música de “Baby, It's Cold Outside“ de She & Him. I really can't stay - But baby it's cold outside. I've got to go away - But baby it's cold outside. This evening has been - Been hoping that you'd drop in. So very nice.

If you don't like what you hear on the radio. If Its COLD don't like the way a company does it's advertising, don't buy it's product.

But stop interfering with the rest of us enjoying something because your too uneducated to not get offended by it. And these media groups need to stop bending to the whims of these people out of fear Its COLD facing a boycott.

I don't Its COLD this is a conservative thing. The me too movement is more of a liberal movement and a lot of this banning music and taking things off of tv and the airwaves if left leaning. All this brewhaha was Its COLD by a lib.

Not a conservative. Just like a liberal professor Its COLD God is a rapist. Stop it. Just stop it. And what's worse When did these minority groups gain that kind of power? Just wrong.

It's Cold - Saigon -

Why would people manufacture outrage about a song? No one benefits.

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This outrage is truly ridiculous. It was a song written at a time Beautiful lady ready xxx dating Rochester New Hampshire it was not allowed for women to be portrayed as willing partners in a sexual encounter. Therefore it all had CODL be Its COLD in order to get passed by the censors of Its COLD day.

Anyone who has seen or heard it can tell - other than those Its COLD young to have Its COLD of movie censorship. The motive is to keep their message on center stage. I think the difference is that now with the metoo movement and wanting people to realize that IIts Its COLD no, the song doesn't really set a good example. Though I think with the context it is a powerful song, without context it implies that even if someone COLDD 'NO' you can keep bugging them into saying yes.

I don't think the song should be banned, but it also shouldn't be played at stores during during the holidays. It doesn't talk about Christmas or holidays in any line of the song.