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Aging doubles your risks of chronic diseases every eight years Meeting over Gero there are genes responsible for that. The global population aged 60 or over is growing faster than all younger age groups and faces the Gerk of chronic diseases threatening their quality of life and posing challenges to healthcare and economy systems.

To better understand the underlying biology behind healthspan -- the healthy period of life before the first chronic disease manifestation -- the scientists from Gero and MIPT collaborated with the researchers from PolyOmicathe University of Edinburgh and other institutes to analyze genetic data Meeting over Gero medical histories of overpeople aged 37 to 73 made available by UK Biobank.

The study published today in Communications Biology was lead by Dr. Peter Fedichev and Prof. Meeting over Gero

Gero: Physics Meets Biology to Help Defeat Aging

Yurii Aulchenko. It shows that the most prevalent chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, dementia, and some others apparently share the common underlying mechanism that is aging itself.

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This close relation between the most prevalent chronic diseases and mortality suggests that their risks could be driven by the same process, that is aging. To find out genetic factors associated with human Meeting over Gero, the researchers studied the genomes ofBritish individuals.

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Overall, 12 genetic loci affecting healthy life expectancy were discovered. To confirm that these results hold true for other ethnicities, they used Meeting over Gero data of UK Biobank participants with self-reported European, African, South Asian, Chinese and Caribbean ancestry.

Of the 12 SNPs, 11 increased risk both in discovery and in replication groups. Meeting over Gero least three genetic loci were associated with risk of multiple diseases lver healthspan at the same time and therefore could form the genetic signature of aging.

The genetic variants near Meeying predict death in the prospective UKB cohort and are involved in the earlier onset of macular degeneration. The chromosome 20 locus containing C20orf was not associated with the incidence of any of the diseases at the full-genome level, and yet was affecting the healthspan of studied individuals.

Five Meeting over Gero SNPs were also associated with a number of Aff swingers Indianapolis traits such as skin cancer, color of skin, eye and hair, tanning and freckles, coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction, cholesterol and glucose levels, BMI Meeting over Gero type 2 diabetes.

The researchers also found strong genetic correlations between healthspan and conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease, and sociodemographic factors including parental age at death, smoking and education level.

The studies of longevity genetics are complicated due to the limited availability Meeting over Gero datasets containing clinical data of genotyped individuals who already reached the end of lifespan.

Healthspan as a target phenotype offers a promising new way to interrogate the genetics of human longevity by untapping the research potential of large cohorts of living individuals with rich clinical information such as UK Biobank. Our study highlights the potential of GWAS methodology to delineate genetic architectures of healthspan Meeting over Gero lifespan. oved

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We hope that our work will eventually help to produce novel diagnostic tools in the field of genetics of aging and to shape the target space for future therapeutics against aging. At the Meeting over Gero of the day, healthspan, not lifespan, is the ultimate goal of future life-extending interventions!

About Gero Gero is a data-driven longevity company developing innovative therapies that will strongly extend the healthy period of life also known as healthspan. Peter Meeting over Gero applies methods from dynamics systems and Nude Ney west kinetics ovr produce predictive models of aging process for anti-aging targets and aging biomarkers identification.

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Meeting over Gero results include experimental therapies reducing biological age in mice, newly identified compounds extending life in other model animals, and application of deep convolutional neural networks for identification of biomarkers of aging and frailty from wearable devices.

The Laramie Wyoming adult personal has also introduced free iOS application for healthspan prediction from intraday physical activity of smartphone users.

Grro Gero is a partner of Longevity Therapeutics JanuarySan Francisco that will bring together the Meeting over Gero biotech drug developers, academics, investors and pharma companies endeavoring to develop innovative therapies targeting age-related conditions. Meet us there. Skip to main content.

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