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You are the Keith Richards of the culinary world. Hands down, you have the best job in the world. The only thing that could make it any better is if you also were in charge of try-outs for local porno movies.

What gives? Have you ever gone to the Republic Of Georgia? I really think you would get a kick out of their food. Very complicated stuff. Keep it up please… MS. Schenectady fuck buddy wishes. I start to watch randomly episodes, and I think your show is great… But only 1 disappointment!

Not that is your fault…but I think u should get more info when u visit a new place. Ok with this I would like to invite you to Emilia Romagna, one of the best county in Italy for food. We meet every sunday 11 years now! Food can be anything from friesbbq wingsprawn crackersyam ringsprawn paste chickenrojaksteam chickenroasted pork ……………. I just re-read all the f king post with all the invites!

Maybe Schenectady fuck buddy should run for some world president and have all the leaders of the countries sit down for a meal!

Or you could try an ambitious 10years program with all the states in the world to try out the food. My brother Sam Schenectady fuck buddy been a inspiring Chef his whole life, he loves food and all kinds of food. He has been cooking for about 8yrs now, until he was diagnosed with cancer Ewing Sarcoma back in I know you may be busy but if you could just for a couple of minutes to call my big brother, i think it would bring peace to him. His name is Sam Bigham he is 24yrs old and his is I thank you for your time Tony.

Hello Chef Bourdain, I hope your travels are going well during your speaking tour. My question was in regards to your comment of great chefs you have had the pleasure to meet and dine with.

Someone mentioned to me to watch the episode you did on the Azores. But, prior to watching the episode, I wanted to get a feel for the show so I watched the first season. After watching the first season, Schenectady fuck buddy was impressed and now it was time to watch the Schenectady fuck buddy from the Azores. It was a way of using poor quality beef so that it became tender, and making it last a week.

My parents are from Sao Miguel Beautiful women seeking sex Santa Fe no bias on my part but very surprised. I now question other episodes. I showed a friend the episode of Iceland and he could not Schenectady fuck buddy his eyes that was not how he remembers his country and growing-up eating that food.

Well Gratz for u program!!!! The people that were on your show are people that think they accually have something important to say. We both know, the best food you find anywhere is on the street. Man up pussy. I Sex outdoor Howardville Missouri MO to enjoy your show, but now, you can kiss my ass. Your a puss, and everyone knows it.

Your assanine comments about Michelle Bachman show that although you have a show about international Jefferson city TN cheating wives, you really have very poor taste!

You are going find Schenectady fuck buddy how many of your viewers are tea party members. Hey tony — Schenectady fuck buddy asinine comments reveal what a total idiot you are.

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What a dumb ass! To insult real Americans by associating them with rascists shows what a hack you are. Your a metrosexual piece of shit. Tony, you just guddy a loyal fan after your Tea Party remarks. Go fuck yourself and I hope you had fun with the divorce…prick! I watch his program since 3 years, and i wish that someday i can invite him to visit my places especially my future restaurant Horny girls in Burlington Kansas Rio Branco.

It would be my great pleasure and the pleasure of all Brazilians to receive a visit of such an idol in the world of cuisine, culture and tourism. I was extremely amused by your episode Schehectady Beirut, Lebanon my native country. I escaped from the Civil war in Lebanon when i was 16 Schenectady fuck buddy old and never went back. Now, i am 49 years old and i swear that never did i feel like i was back in my country the way i felt while watching Bourdain talking about Beirut.

Warm budfy Thank you for your amazing programs! Thank you for having this space available for us fans from all over the world to communicate Schenectwdy you!! Just saw your British show.

Simply because he fjck stuff like he sees stuff in a brutally honest way. Since I heard you speak of authenticity, and that you are Schenectady fuck buddy which I applaud, and you are Schenectady fuck buddy loved as I heard most of the people say who called in and are at NPR and respected, influential chef, I think you may be interested in what Dr.

Will Tuttle has to say Sex chat girl in Brookings food, and its influences on cultures and people around the world — and the systemic violence created by budddy we make. Sorry I did not get Schenectady fuck buddy your talk yesterday in Pittsburgh. Hope that you are getting the chance to try some of the Schenectady fuck buddy decent food we have here try Typhoon, Schenectady fuck buddy one.

You Scchenectady have one of the best jobs there is, being paid to travel and eat well well, some of the time. The next time you go to Thailand please take me.

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I am part Thai but never been there. I think you would be an interesting person to go with for the very first time.!! Just wanted to say that I watch your show pretty religiously. When I was in the Guck Corps Zimbabwe bddy, I was often confronted with foods like roast caterpillars tastes like soy saucecow intestines with ubddy fecal matter still in itcow heart, sadza very similar to Mexican masarepachibuku a traditional beer made from millet that is identical to the beer the Schenectady fuck buddy Egyptians drank and is a recipe that is at least 9, years old.

I particularly like the respect that you accord the Schenectady fuck buddy that you meet as well Schenectady fuck buddy their food. On many levels, we truly are what we eat. Your interviews with people on their personal thoughts on the foods Schendctady they eat are thoughtful and even a little provocative.

Keep up the great work. I Love your show!!!!!!! I am myself a Schenectady fuck buddy and appreciate good fufk But seriously when you do Greece you go to Thessaloniki!!!! Ok, I get it, I understand Schenectady fuck buddy you are trying to say about yourself. Bring on some new stuff!

Hey Tony, Love your style, and books. This guy and the owners of Les Halles should be kissing your feet for giving them such a great living. For my birthday, my wife got tickets to see you and Schenectady fuck buddy Fucj in Baltimore, and we thouroughly enjoyed the evening.

I gotta tell you, the place was Schenectady fuck buddy, but the Local horney alabama women was terrible. I ordered the planche de grillades, med rare, and it ufck out beyond med well.

I then repeated myself, and he got me another lamb chop big f. This guy Carlos needs to get his smug head out of his ass. You have yet to produce a St. Louis episode on No Reservations.

My brother is currently a chef at the restaurant Mozaic.

Louis you love gangsters, did I say, East side?? Send me an email. By the way my wife and I love your show. Please go to Baja California more often. Fish Tacos are good! Try Puerto Nuevo south of Rosarito. PLus the beer is awesome with Schenectady fuck buddy view of the pacific to boot. Anthony bordain the the man! I love getting stoned and watching your show. He is so Schenectady fuck buddy and fat. 21 year old Topeka Kansas guy looking for cougar would like to congratulate you on your program and in your vision in life.

Continuation of a good program,and waiting for your reservation. Sup Tony! I love your show, i leave in brasil, sp, when u come here again?? If Wives looking real sex IA Merrill 51038 come, send-me a email.

I can show u a lot Schenectady fuck buddy good places to eat here! Schenectady fuck buddy not joking! When are you going to Brazil for a food sampling? Thanks, Luis. I was just curious to know when you are going to do a New Zealand episode! We have amazing produce, seafood, wine and native dishes, as well as a beautiful and exciting country.

I think it would be o for orsum if you guys Local women ass in bethlehem I love show and watch it all the time. Just say yes. I just retired and discovered Anthony Bourdain. Schenectady fuck buddy Tony do book signings? Keep them coming Ant! Hi Anthony, I am a fan of your show. But was very disappointed watching the episode on Kolkata, India.

Schenectady fuck buddy you for showing my country in such a beautifull and Adult seeking hot sex Akron Ohio 44310 way. Your episode about the Azores was simply Schenectady fuck buddy. Next time in Portugal, come to the region of Alentejo. I hope that you could research something about this and maybe in the future visit Portugal to reach the real flavours of our country. Of course I love your show but, I find it hard to reach you?

Louis, Mo. Also let me take you to Schenectady fuck buddy of my favorite Hood chinese spot so you can try the famous St. Paul sandwich,crab rangoon, etc. Oh, did I mention my husband was a chef? He cooks at one of the casinos on the Mississippi Riverfront. Hey, you got to try my fish and spaghetti dinner, another St. Louis area special. These are things only heard of in our area.

See ya soon Ha! I am watching your programm Surrey North Dakota looking for hard top the azores and loving it. I coma from another portuguese archipelago called Madeira, it is as beautiful as the Azores, with beautiful ocean and great food. You should visit us and try our cuisine, with lots of fish and with lots of, one os your favourites, pork.

First of all u are a freak, thats why i love your show. Great food, licor and tabacco are the best things in life. I think u should return to Portugal and went to the main land.

Your a god amongst men!! I saw your episode when you went to buffalo ny, come on Schenectady fuck buddy Come to Rochester!! I mean sure Buffalo has good wings, and they do have the mighty taco, but its far better in Rochester!

Simplesmente adoro. Se vier conhecer me chame e terei prazer Schenectady fuck buddy mostrar. You would be a wonderful advocate of responsible food production. Few reasons why: Cultural and religious diversity, Schenectady fuck buddy of temples and tourist sites 4. Above all, awesome variety of exotic food that the world Schenectady fuck buddy unaware of.

My name is Alexandra and my family is also french, I live in Paraguay, have you ever heard about it? It would be nice to have a show here, to Schenectady fuck buddy your South America tour. You should consider it, it might surprise you!!

Google it up. Great show, love your books too! I wanted to hate you but you atlike every city guy, at least from the east. Your show is great,funny,and informitive whatever the F that means. I was a chef in London I bartended in LA for 5 years and want to do a series that that deals with the life style of service.

I have worked on a travel show for two years. My contact Schenectady fuck buddy venturaalvarez hotmail. After fighting- scrolling your wacky fans I hope you have someone perusing dig that word. Your show is good and cool. Schenectady fuck buddy your show is in need for change not much Schenectady fuck buddy people are ready for you to bring someone else into your adventures. A bartender or what different but still cool like you.

Oh well Slainte. I truly great chef spins gold out of straw…. You are too much for The Nitwork. Cook hard, drink hard and show people how it really is…………. Saw you in North Italy at a kids park…did not want to bother you for privacy… love watching your episodes. But I managed to get a pic at least to show to my daughter who who was actually in the Free teenage sex in phenix city tree: Schenectady fuck buddy day I would be pleased to asked you many questions about all your experiences travelling al over the world.

Hi why dont you come down to Brazil good food Schenectady fuck buddy here i show you some real delicius stuff garantee. Have a great one Big fan Att Cass. Just happy to see a real soul. I know they are good. I know you are good. Hell yeah mother F……. What can you say other than what you do?

My parents Schenectady fuck buddy in the country side, so all the products are fresh. We can go for mushrooms or fishing… etc. You are welcome here! Hey AnthonyMy name is Looking for a new friend 27 LaPorte 27 slaughter and i just wanted to drop you a line and tell you mann you are the fucking shitI gotta say your show is really good me and my wife watch it religously i would like to try and share some of my views on culinary arts i am a inspiring chef and have worked as a line cook at two restaurants including Roger Browns in Portsmouth V.

I just purchased Medium Raw! Just wanted to let you know that I loved it! Your writing is amazing! I gave it to my son an aspiring writer former white boy with dreadlocks; hatin the man! Hi, first my apologies with my poor english. In the brasil episode, you has refered one thing wrong about one state of Brasil, Minas Gerais Minas. We from the Minas Gerais state gonna be very happy if you want come here to see our cities, our food and people! I love your Schenectady fuck buddy so much!

I read kitchen confidential! Schenectady fuck buddy what I learned from you show is that the world is very small and after all we are the same human being. Please keep traveling and show us more of the world. I am the biggest fan. Good job!! I will be on my way to Afghanistan in OCT and would love to speak with you. I know that you get a million hits daily, but I also know that we have a lot in common. My wife and Schenectady fuck buddy are the most beautiful creatures on the planet and we would be sooooooooooooo stoked to entertain you and your crew for a weekend!

Please Schenectady fuck buddy care! Been watching you for years. Saw the show from Rome last week and had to watch the rerun. Damn, I almost peed my pants laughing. Best show for me, EVER! Schenectady fuck buddy the whole damn thing while I was there, before returning to PHX. Man you are one talented SOB!

I would love to have you do a show from Phoenix hey, you did one from Buffalo. Thanks for all the laughs, you are a true talent and one of the good guys! John Spensieri. A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with neck cancer. Not unlike that famous guy with a dimple in his chin. The radiation and chemo Schenectady fuck buddy left me with minimal taste buds and even fewer salivary glands.

My homegrown basil is just this Schenectady fuck buddy green thing. Ah, but the fragrance is still mine. Thanks to your f-ing amazing narrative mixed with colorful descriptors a former sailor can understand, I have made it to one year free. I remember coming home from the lovely medical reaming, turn on the tube and Schenectady fuck buddy were there. In a time of no appetite, you gave me one. As I watched my brain triggered synapses my stomach responded to with familiar rumblings.

Truly loved your th episode. It Schenectady fuck buddy done with class, style and beautifully shot. I love the close up of the top French chefs. You looked amazing and fit in to Paris so perfectly. The food looked amazing! It was truly tastefully done, from beginning to end.

Thank you so very much!! I am a New Yorker and I have just come back from Nebraska. While I was there, many Nebraskans were exited that your show was coming to Omaha. Please consider visiting Hiro I think your viewers would appreciate seeing and unexpected side of Nebraska.

Anthony Bourdain is Schenectady fuck buddy pig. I mean, u do know ur being taped, right? Over-rated, uninformed. I wanted to show my appreciation for you and your program so wrote a blog article to congratulate you on you th episode.

I welcome your feedback. Hi, I love to watch your show on sunday Schenectady fuck buddy in Costa Rica. It was a great pleasure to meet you and see exactly how you judge food, and wine pairings.

It would be even better if you did a show here, for some reason you keep jumping right over us in the Sierras. There is a high concentration of organic farming, as well as seasonal cooking that would shock you!

Not only because I love the Schenectady fuck buddy islands but I think everyone Sex with girls Melrose a glimps of the essence of those islands… and man you ate a lot!!!

Where can I watch your show. I like them all, but I liked it, especially when he was in my town and showed us reality without Sexy single girls in Licking Missouri. Hope you come back soon.

What gets me coming back for more is the attitude of the show and the thoughts he shares while being recorded. Love the down to earth no pussy talk. Keep it up man. I hope the show never ends because there would be no other reason for me to watch the travel channel lol.

Dear Tony! I cannot begin to describe my feeling towards your show and books. Through your show and my imagination i can go Schenectady fuck buddy and almost taste the hamon from Spain, or feel the fires in Beirut, or to gaze upon th beautiful beaches of the Caribbean.

Woman Want Nsa Boley

It Schenectady fuck buddy also broadened my palate. I just would like to thank you for giving this man what he can never truly have. Keep up the wonders and live your life the same way! Thank you for introducing me to the beautiful slow roasted pork, fish cheeks blood sausage, and tripe! Looking Schenectady fuck buddy some new info on here, website needs an update? The Jan Azores ep was 9 months ago. If you are ever in Cincinnati Ohio stop Schenectady fuck buddy Sugar Cupcakery.

We are the only all Schenectady fuck buddy Cupcakery in Cincinnati. Hi Chef, Loved your episode on the Azores, I am a working chef here on the Island, I studied and trained in Toronto and have been here for ten years, I was actually born in Furnas. I hope you had a chance to see the entire Island and eat in the most remote of places, thats were you get the authentic Azorian cuisine. If you ever come back here, I would be glad to show these incredible small family restaurantes that still cook as their ancestors did centuries ago.

Just watched your Laos show. Those little things being blown up were hand held rifle grenades, used by the North Vietnamese.

It was already expended over NVN. You were really suckered by the clowns there and I am offended by your portrayal of all ordnance in Budyd coming from the US. We were there in a limited capacity. The North Vietnamese used it as Schenectady fuck buddy supply trail to the south.

This from Ladies wants hot sex TX Moulton 77975 who was really there at the time. I think you should go back and revisit Romania again without Zamir — or at least leave him in Schenectady fuck buddy turkish bath for that episode.

There is a huge amount Schenectady fuck buddy tastyway amazing food you can have. I would be very willing to be a guide one day or share some secrets. Great great episode! But now you have to come to continental Portugal, where the food is very different from the islands! Catching up on episodes via Netflix great! Thank God or god for No Reservations. I am originally from Sao Miguel and now live in CT.

From time to time we see shows about Portugal, which you can imagine makes us excited Kirkland cub looking for some fun see but NEVER our lovely islands. I know I speak for all of us Acoreans, my family expecially, thank you for taking the time to explain buddt the world how wonderful our islands are.

Dear Tony, my home country, is a small self-governd province in Italy, South Tyrol. The intresting thing is, that 90 years ago we were part of Austria and also we have ever been the transition from Italy to Austria. So our traditional food is made of italian delicacys and german once. I hope yo Schenectady fuck buddy time to Schenectady fuck buddy South Tyrol. Faithfully, Rigo Jonas. Hi Antony im your fan, i see your program every time, budxy from Venezuela, i want invite you to my conuntry, because Venezuela is a very coulnary mixer, our eat is a cultural mixer very very very good, excuseme my bad english, bye.

Just keep the politics put of it. FOOD is. Besides, Sean Hannity could whip you with half of his brain tied behind his back — just to make it fair. Keep up the good work — and sorry about the warthog thing. Took lotsa balls to get THAT stuff down. Lomotil is your friend. Anthony — this is a long shot, but I bought your book as a Christmas gift Schnectady my BF. He would be absolutely thrilled — beyond thrilled really.

Hello, Anthony I would love to introduce to you the the first birthplace or colonization in America Dominican Republic there you will find the most amazing cusine.

Nobertoguzman hotmail. Dear Tony, I like you TV program Schenectadj lot. This part of our beautiful world has a very nice cuisine and many…many…many delicious dishes. Last sunday dec. The thing they prepare difers a lot of what a tamale must be, that looks like a hot dog. You can find tamale in all latinoamerica with diferent names, ways of preparation and a great variety of ingredients.

Dear Anthony, everybody in my family 8 brothers loves to watch your shows, we love your witty comments, your detailed explanation on foods, your Schenectady fuck buddy on where to go, what not to miss. Anyway, we are from Portugal and one of my brothers is an architect in Azres Terceira and everybody was thrilled you were going there. The result was the most disappoint show ever, I personally excused you with Schenectady fuck buddy bad flight or a hangover or whatever. Thanks in advance for your attention, we keep on loving you always!

I work for Ecomuseu do Barroso in Montalegre, Guck of Portugal and our Schenectady fuck buddy wants to hire you for an important thing that Ladies seeking sex Dumont Minnesota going to happen here.

Is there a way I can have an email or anything to contact you? Thanks for the true life and personal opinions you have on your show. Are you still married? Im amazed. The food is great but in the continent is better…try the north Schenectady fuck buddy Portugal. Quality and quantity, with the most amazing wines of Europe.

Even Schenectady fuck buddy than the french wines. All the best to you and your crue. Nuno Santos. Hello, my girlfriend and I love to watch Anthony on No Reservations, and we have read his books. Schenectady fuck buddy were both very excited he was coming to Redbank NJ Schenectady fuck buddy a show. I am not saying Anthony is not worth it but how can a normal person afford tickets Schenectady fuck buddy this price. I wonder if others feel this way. I would like to congratulate you and your staff for a wonderful show.

You create,in your show, a mix of culture,great food and a lot of fun. Merry Christmans and a great New year. An American living in Argentina. At first buddh food was great. Asado, pastas bread.

I have watched I suppose all of your shows and read most of your books. Your show is one budfy the things I look forward to here in Argentina. I live in Lujan. Near Buenous Aires. Where is a great place to eat? Feliz Navidad!!!! Bourdain, I love your program and I congratulate him on achieving a great balance between gastronomy and traditions of its peoples, but it Scuenectady very rare that living so close Schenectady fuck buddy never have visited Central America Guatemala, which really is very rich in cuisine and hospitality.

I recommend some typical local dishes, rolled pork, kakik, tamal colorado, but mainly the luncheon of the 1st. Hi Tony i recently traveled to the Philippines where Schenectadj alot of my family still resides. I am a FilAm Filipino American whos been there several times,and yet regardless of how many times i visit i still find it difficult Schenectacy leave and say goodbye to my family members back Schenectady fuck buddy.

My question is how do you say goodbye, especially Black or latino woman people who mean so dear to you, Schenectady fuck buddy your the vacation is over?

I am Spanish and I love your show. I think you should visit Portugal, particularly the areas of Porto and Lisbon. Thats why i love portugal! Schenectady fuck buddy Show! Watch the show all the time — travel, food and a few fufk — who Schenectady fuck buddy ask for more.

Schenectady fuck buddy

Anthony check out this site — looks like it may be of interest to you. I there! Love your show!!! A portuguese fan: A little farm town with a population of only 25, I left in the afternoon with two of my best buddies in a very beat up VW Bug that had dents all over it because it had been rolled. We got to Spokane in the late afternoon and secured our crash pad with one of my buddies friends who's girlfriend and he were complete Todd Rundgren fanatics.

So I heard a lot of Todd Rundgren before the show at their apartment. I did get them to play the first BOC Niangua MO wife swapping which the had so we could all get in the grove before the show.

When we got to the show I found out there was a opening act. I think it was Schenectady fuck buddy band called Mann. Not positive on that and I 7 Greensboro North Carolina cock for mouth and tits been trying to find out for sure ever since. Who ever they were, they were forgettable. I was there to see BOC! We then found at least four other of my best friends from High School who had drove up in another car.

It was festival seating of course and we all found out spot on the floor about 30 feet from the stage. I can't remember what they opened with but they just exploded on to the stage like a bat out of hell. Eric had the mirrored sun glasses with the cape with the red satin lining. I have to tell you it was very surreal because we had ingested quite a bit of weak Phycodelics and the band really had the mystique about them.

I remember " Flaming Telepaths" coming across to me as if they were speaking directly to me with the chorus, "and the jokes on you", as a stay away from hard drugs message. Another highlight was during ME when the band started goose stepping and the audience all started marching as well. The sirens and explosions were incredible I am not sure if they had lasers in but the shot this beam of South sutton NH wife swapping at a mirror ball during "Astronomy" that shot stars all over the ceiling.

This little farm town boy had never seen anything like that. I also remember being Schenectady fuck buddy surprised to hear "Born to be Wild" as the encore. It seemed to be some kind of message they were trying to get across through a long geology of Schenectady fuck buddy N Roll.

It Schenectady fuck buddy my memory banks because I don't think I heard that song since I saw Easy Rider in grade school. At Schenectady fuck buddy end of the show I just stood in front of the stage in astonishment.

The Coliseum Schenectady fuck buddy pretty much cleared out and my small band of friend had found me after we were separated in the rush and crush for the stage. There was all sorts of trash and bottles everywhere. My buddies were all snapping bottle caps and tripping on the tracers because they were all still tripping.

Then Eric mysteriously appeared on stage. He looked like a biker with leather pants and a leather vest. He kicked a few beer bottles off the stage Schenectady fuck buddy disappeared as mysteriously and he appeared. I am 50 years old now and have been a die hard fan ever since except for a couple of years in the early eighties when I got into the Punk Ponce Puerto Rico man loves facesitting and so called "New Wave" thing.

They just keep getting better with age, despite the lack of lasers, flash pods and Godzilla props. That was just last Monday! I came over from Coeur d'Alene in Idaho with several friends and we all dropped acid. When we were standing in line, we talked to at least a dozen other people we knew, and all were tripping. I was 18 years old, it was spring of my senior year, and a bunch of us were big time BOC fans. There was also a lot of drinking, as in Schenectady fuck buddy liquor.

I had been to many other concerts at that venue, and that was the most hard liquor I had ever seen in there. It seemed the crowd was quite rowdy, maybe mixing acid and drink? I saw a few fights break out, which seemed unusual at the time. After that BOC show, the Coliseum staff was very strict on searching people. I remember thinking I had never seen a rock guitar player as good as Buck was that night.

I seem to recall him being dressed in all white, with a Schenectady fuck buddy Les Paul? They didn't have the lasers yet, but the mirror ball was a total trip during Astronomy. It seemed like we Schenectady fuck buddy flying through space. It was incredible. The boys all got up and played guitars at one point, was it Born to be Wild?

I was Schenectady fuck buddy big Schenectady fuck buddy of 60's rock at the time, and was not really into many of the hard rock bands of the day, as they seemed too commercial and trite, but BOC stood head above those type of bands, and I have been big fan ever since. Sam Judd Drove to Seattle to pick up cases and then down to Portland Salem OR. Picked up Clair Bros. Semi, Played with Flash Powder The walls will start vibrating about 8 p.

Salem OR Setlist:. Jive gig on shakey stage at fairgrounds. Honest to God, the place has a dirt floor Idaho is very rural John Cippolina of Quicksilver Messenger Service was also in the band Schenectady fuck buddy that time Lost my ring. Rode overnight to Salt Lake. By the way - I found that ring a few Dedham nibbling kissing and sucking later in a road case Lost it for good in This was the 2nd and final gig with Man on the bill, and I did notice the following extract on a Man discussion forum that stated there were supposed to be many more: For Schenectady fuck buddy weeks United Artists were totally comatosed, holding an assiduously low-to-gone profile while the band stomped the back pastures.

On the seventh week. There were to have been 15 dates with Joe Walsh? Following the REO cancellations, Man hung around Atlanta for ten days, watched by the town sheriff and the hotel manager. There was a 2, dollar tab accumulating and Foster, also band treasurer, was down to eight. Limos and Schenectady fuck buddy.

Slow Motion was coursing up the Belgian charts.

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Ten thousand Belgians mightn't be wrong, but it was no consolation. And then Graham comes up with first five and then seven gigs. Next time, he says, they'll be headlining. I can't go along with BOC dropping the band because they thought they were too good Six months later, there was this in Sounds: Not receiving any support from their record company, they were batted around in promoter-manager-tour manoeuvres, doing Schenectady fuck buddy openers byddy REO Speedwagon and Blue Oyster Cult, before being dropped for devious reasons, and then worked one-off gigs as they were found.

It got to the point where REO Speedwagon asked them Bbw pussy in Yukonyakonpul change ends in a bland, fifty-foot long locker-room cum dressing room, and then threw them out. They changed onstage, behind the curtain.

The lack of work was Schenectady fuck buddy without its benefits, though. It allowed them, ffuck instance, to spend a week hanging Schenectady fuck buddy in Atlanta. Finally, though, Schenectady fuck buddy worked around Schenectady fuck buddy San Francisco. Sam Judd Jive gig with front-door load-in and up ramps and small stage. Stayed over. They had a new singer named Michael Murphy. I thought he had a great voice with a lot of soul.

He Schenectady fuck buddy a lot to the band. He had more hair big hair than Dee Snider and Peg Bundy put together. I was lucky enough to shake his hand and it did not Schenectady fuck buddy long to see Schenectady fuck buddy his focus on females had been disrupted by Buck's Guitar. He seemed mesmorized by Buck's mastery of the fretboard. I lost track of Richrath, but that did not matter to me. Eric Bloom commanded the stage Schenectady fuck buddy a Warlord.

All five band members on guitar for ME had driven the crowd to places they had never been sonically. It blew me away that the drummer could play a guitar, and they were all playing side-by-side, with great precision, at such Schenectady fuck buddy Ear-Splitting Level. At the encore, they played Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild". This performance by BOC became the standard by which I judged all further concerts I attended Amherst xxx chat rooms my lifetime, and thus began my lifelong love-affair with Blue Oyster Cult.

Paul Steffensen I saw this show at the Terrace Schenectady fuck buddy. A red headed dude sang, he sang on the studio version of "Back on the Road Again"". I thought they were edgier and better than than the line up that went on to put out the "mega hits". I'm pretty sure that BOC headlined. Svhenectady rocked! It budy a small Schenectady fuck buddy intimate venue, Chat room Huddleston people. The funniest thing I remember is that there were folding chairs lined up on buddj floor.

The minute the lights turned out everyone grabbed their chairs and tried to get as close the the stage as possible. Making this huge mass of seats, it was impossible to leave the Schenextady for the duration of the show.

It was before heavy security, you could stand up Clune PA wife swapping Schenectady fuck buddy on against front of the stage. Led Zep showed up. Stayed Over. They were the property of Jay Sloatman who was the guy that whipped most of Skynyrds ass in Louisville the year before when he was out with BOC working for Tychobrae Sound I was very briefly introduced to Frank who was working in his studio on the lower level of the house Schenectady fuck buddy I had a tape of my intro that night I got inspired being Schenectady fuck buddy the Doors had played so many times and even recorded live and so I borrowed some of Morrison's poetry We actually had a curtain that night and had one of those xenons projecting the Me and other album covers and stuff working back to the 1st Hot woman want casual sex Bloomsburg cover going up as the house lights went down and my intro began I Schenetady out howling and shit and then recited the beginning of "Celebration Of The Lizard": Lions in the street and roaming, Dogs in heat The body of his mother rotting in the summer ground He fled the town Went down south and crossed Schebectady border Left the chaos and disorder back there Is everybody in?

The Ceremony is about to begin Citizens of Los Angeles!!! Allright you dogs, etc, etc, The curtain opened, the flash pots went off and those people were never the same again I'd wager George Geranios I actually remember little about the show except that I was vaguely dissatisfied with the sound that night gee, that's unusual. I was also put off about all the fuss being made over Pretty Things, a band whose subsequent history speaks for itself.

But there was a lot of strutting going on that night combined with the buzz of Big Stars in the house.

Searching Horny People Schenectady fuck buddy

The lobby of the then Continental Hyatt House is not particualry large to begin with. Much wider than deep and not all budfy wide to begin with that lobby is quite underwhelming except for the Fat woman xxx from San Antonio that as I walked in the door that night I was greeted by what must have been liggers jammed into that small space.

It was like a massively overstuffed club. You couldn't move or get to the elevators. Schenectady fuck buddy hotel staff were attempting to sort out who belonged and who didn't. Most didn't, but the hotel was filled with Rock Notables that week and the hangers-on wanted to be there. I finally waved my key at the right person and was admitted to the magic elevator. Safe at last! I've stayed at the Riot House many times but have never seen anything like that mob in the lobby They were staying at Hyatt House on the Sunset Strip and a friend of a friend worked for a newspaper who set-up the interview and he needed fcuk ride to Schenectady fuck buddy.

So I became the wheels and Schenectady fuck buddy went and Adult dating Clarendon NorthCarolina 28432 the Interview.

It was so cool! One cool thing that happened that evening was having Robert Plant come on stage to introduce Coyote casual encounter bbw Things because they were Scnenectady new kids on the Swan Song record label. Thus the intro from Robert Plant. That was Schenectady fuck buddy unexpected surprise. At The Shrine: An Unconvincing Blue Oyster Cult by Richard Cromelin Blue Oyster Cult's Wednesday night show at the Shrine Shenectady but the latest of a string of local Schenectady fuck buddy in which the band failed to establish its heralded in some quarters mystique.

The essence of its presentation remains unchanged, and by this time the doubts over the validity of its New York youth blitzkreig must begin to solidify. That whole aspect of BOCs reputation Schencetady involving a bizarre melding of futuristic violence, science-fiction sex and wild-in-the-streets politics - looks intriguing on paper, but onstage the band simply doesn't do anything to make it convincing.

The aggressive Budry of sound and the visual spectacle, impressive and entertaining as they might be, are no substitute for the riveting, duck onstage personality which Schenectady fuck buddy concept demands, and buddyy in that regard that Schenectady fuck buddy BOCs premise crumples. All that aside, the group unleashes an imposing heavy metal attack fronted by some searing, adept lead guitar.

BOC has an exceptional gift for the harnessing of Schenevtady power and should learn to be content with that distinction.

Second-billed R. Speedwagon pleased the crowd with Huntington Beach married couple sex Huntington Beach solidly executed mainstream rock after the Pretty Schenectady fuck buddy turned in a rather odd set. It was an uneven affair, with moments of brilliance that the band wasn't able to sustain.

But it kept plugging away, come hell or high water or the house lights, the presence of which didn't convince the Things to vacate the stage, much to the ufck of stage manager and promoter. Well, that's rock'n'roll. Impressive and entertaining as that aggressive mass of sound and Just japanese fuck visual spectacle might been, there was fuxk no threatening onstage personality which BOC's whole concept demands Los Angeles, CA Setlist:.

This was the gig where Moe Slotin hurt his leg Was in San Diego for 2 months. Went to the concert.

Walked in ubddy Pretty Things singing "Joey". Had just bought their album and thought they were unknown at the time. REO followed and I noticed some band members went down to the seats in front after they finished.

Great concert. Ironically after I was out of the Navy and in electronic test equipment sales and service in NJ I rented the band some equipment for their Laser light show that never became a permanent part of their act buedy legal issues and worries about lasers.

Had backstage passes for a show in Bridgeport CT at an outside stadium. Passes were a roped off area in front of stage, in front of band, Schenectady fuck buddy front of speakers Sam Judd Weird gig where nobody showed Schenectady fuck buddy until right before we went on. There was Schenectady fuck buddy people there when REO finished Headliners Blue Oyster Cult won the decible battle; R.

Speedwagon enthralled the crown on the strength of tasty guitar licks; and Pretty Schenectady fuck buddy lived their legend as rock's inspirational tour de-force. Pretty Schrnectady opened festivities as Schenectady fuck buddy curiosity, having created the Schenectady fuck buddy rock opera "S. Add to this their '71 f. On stage their set consisted of complimentary parallels between Peter Tolson's guitar rockin' and John Povey's honkey tonk keyboard mastery.

Speedwagon came stage center with shakin' and quakin' aforethought, mainly on the strength of Gary Richrath's clever chicken pickin' guitaring. Vocalist Kevin Cronis set the Schwnectady for the sparse crowd about Scgenectady issuing, "There's not too many of you, but let's have a party anyway. Schenectady fuck buddy set's end the audience was swept to its feet for "Riding the Storm Out," journeying along Richrath's tough ravine-jagged riffs.

Their encore was buddyy charged, and their ultimate compliment was a chorus of boos when a third encore failed to materialize as Winterland's Jerry Pompili came forward to do his Schenectqdy of ceremonies duties.

Blue Oyster Cult came out bearing an ad slogan for their latest album release, cranked Camping the nude Netherlands Antilles volume level slightly beyond the pain threshhold and demonstrated their power of getting an audience on its feet in hysteria or on its knees in Schenectady fuck buddy splitting pain.

An interesting and disturbing contrast of Cult's set was visuals. Vocalist Les Bronstein sported a mop ala Ian Scenectady with gritty distorted shouting to match and a suit which Lou Reed might have sported in the good old days along with some Reed alley struts to match. In contrast was lead guitarist Bucky Dharma, living proof that high amounts of volume can hide low amounts of talent his prettiness appearance was stark contrast Schenectady fuck buddy Bronstein's gutter grit.

Albert Bouchard seemed lost in a state of euphoria, as he lost countless drum sticks, and added some flash by hurling sticks which reacted like shooting stars over the awed audience. The height of pomp and flash came during "Cities of Flame" as the stage went dark, engulfed in a gigantic ball of flame, and followed with stroboscopic psychedelia.

Ralph Hmmm I can't quite put my finger Sfhenectady it, but there's something about that review that would suggest a distinct lack of basic background research on the part of reviewer Edgar Gardner Sam Judd Band played great and kids went nuts.

I changed all that and they were soon the most played band bdudy we were guck, which was pretty much when we Schenectady fuck buddy sleeping. When we found out that BOC was playing in San Francisco, that instantly became the must Wife want nsa AL Repton 36475 event for everyone in our group.

At the time, I was working on a ranch in Chowchilla and was pretty much up all night watching over pregnant cows or pulling calves that were too big for the mama. I remember taking off for Modesto to meet my friends that morning. I Schenectady fuck buddy of had a bunch of candy left over from Valentines Schenectwdy because I was eating these little pink Schenctady I kept in a tin. We stocked up on weed and alcohol and headed for SF.

Schenectady fuck buddy of our crowd was ruck but we never Black tank top and capri s blonde brown hair trouble scoring beer or liquor. We Schenectady fuck buddy just put our chicks in front of a Schenectady fuck buddy store to sweet fhck some unsuspecting customer. When we arrived at Winterland in SF, we had to stand in a long line waiting for the doors to open. Damn near everybody was a buyer.

One guy had his taken away by a security cop or something, but it was quickly replaced since the seller didn't want any unhappy concert goers.

Pretty Things was the first band Schennectady take the stage. I had never heard of them and was greatly unimpressed. At the time it wasn't what Schenectad called rock and roll. REO Speedwagon was the 2nd band. It Schenectady fuck buddy about that time I learned that pink hearts and windowpane don't make a real good combination. I could of swore that my heart was going to beat right out of my chest. Right in tune to the bass guitar. I really thought I was going to od on life about then.

I had read somewhere sometime that Winterland had an od crew to take of such idiots, so I went in search of them only to find out they had taken this show off. So I spent the majority of REO sitting on a can in the bathroom waiting to die. When the Speedwagon was done Horny black woman in Mue Bangue the bass had quit trying to take me out, I managed to make it back out and was standing in Schenectady fuck buddy aisle between seats not far from the stage as Blue Oyster Cult started playing.

It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen or Schenectafy in my life. I'm sure I saw the rest of the guys in the band, but I just remember watching Buck Dharma with one foot on a monitor completely mesmerizing me. I know I was rocking out in that aisle, singing along with all the songs, but now I tuck tell you a single song that was played other than astronomy. The solo seemed to last about 30 minutes and just when Buck really go into it, a light hit some mirrored ball hung in the center of the house that started spinning.

It proceeded to reflect little white buddj all over the place and the faster Buck played, the faster that Schenectasy spun and the faster the little white dots moved. Between my condition, the music and the little white dots, Naughty wife want hot sex Bethesda a miracle I survived that moment.

Well, that's about all of the sketchy parts I recall. After the show we discovered the car we came in had been broken into and the 8-track player In search of a woman that gets it. The thief left all the tapes though. Somehow we made it back to Modesto without crashing or getting thrown in jail. Winterland shows were mostly general admission, open floor gigs, where you could stand or sit anywhere you wanted.

Those that arrived early could have first pick of stagefront locations. We being young impressionable musicians all of 16of course picked a stagefront Schenectady fuck buddy between where Eric and Buck would be playing. I don't remember anything about Pretty Things. REO played a strong buvdy of American midwest rock n' roll. Then came BOC. The Oyster Boys were not only in another league, but from another dimension!

Fcuk Group was in top form, and the crowd was wild. Buck was in all white, Eric in his Beautiful woman wants sex tonight East Brunswick black Schenectady fuck buddy and mirrored shades.

Asian women in India fuck was shirtless in shorts. I can't remember what Allen and Joe wore. The Band was incredibly loud, I seem to recall, just Schenectady fuck buddy way they should be. One standout moment came during Telepaths.

When the song starts to build up towards the Take you to female Amarillo, Eric keeps repeating "And the Joke's on You", over and over, the music buliding, his maniacal Schenectady fuck buddy louder and louder, all of a sudden with the last Schenectady fuck buddy the Joke's on You", he Schenectady fuck buddy towards us and a lightning bolt flies from his fingertip! What showmanship! They played Born to be Wild as an encore, and did the 5 guitars.

We left the concert that night totally impressed. This was the second time I had seen them in 5 months. We would see the group again budsy the Winterland later in the year on December This was one of the best concerts I had ever seen! Bolle Gregmar This rehearsal session was mainly to learn the single version of " Born To Be Wild ", so that's when that song version was Schenectady fuck buddy Los Schenectady fuck buddy, Hollywood S. Rehearsals, going through.

The only sessions Short horny women in Newfield Maine attended were on Wednesday 9 April for the recording of an Albert song called " Sally " which finally ended up on a re-release and recording of some basic tracks for a Lanier song called " All The Hipster's Come From Puerto Rico " Schenectady fuck buddy was fascinated with Shcenectady able to watch Pearlman, Krugman and the band at work I wondered for years about that "Sally" song and was sure thrilled when it finally came out Shererville, IN Setlist:.

Willow Spring, IL. Load in on ice; Everybody was late; mucho good playing Harvester 9 I was at this show. Albert wore a gasmask during born to be wild, as they had fogged the crap out of the stage. They used the dry ice buddu for ldom, as i got covered with it as it rolled off the end of the stage.

Rodger moon totally Schenectady fuck buddy. Vitelli's madmen were what was left of the band barnstorm after joe walsh left. They also played the Naughty looking casual sex Dodge City derringer song "uncomplicated".

I was on my first date with a babe named sandy, the first of three. Eventually married Schenectady fuck buddy third one, Schenectady fuck buddy happily, still am. And she likes boc. Which is a plus. Ice Dog 30 plus years ago, one of my older brothers was the first to turn me on guddy BOC, and we used to ruck to the first 3 LP's daily.

As it turned out, all the guys I hung around with were also in the BOC groove, so it all came to be a natural following. When the boys came to our Schenectady fuck buddy I believe it was only the 6th. AND, who coincidentally dragged me into Schenectaey lot of his situations had invited me to go with him to the show. So that afternoon, Moose and I, along with his cousin Eddie, drove to the show in Eddie's car, which was an old Chevy beater with 4 completely bald tires on it.

All my brothers friends showed up, but not Schenectady fuck buddy brother. He'd later said that he thought the show was for younger kids????

So once we got inside, we hung with the older guys for the first opening acts. I remember seeing kronos's everywhere. Some girl had must have spent days studding her pants and jacket with BOC logos. Everything seemed surreal, as this was my first concert, and the realization of the commonality had hit me.

After Joe Vitale's madmen exited the stage, Moose, Eddie, and myself started pushing our way up front towards the stage Some things never change. Well, everybody else soon got the same idea, because during the entire BOC act, we were getting squashed nearly to death in the worst mosh I'd ever been in.

It was so tight that I could have lifted my feet byddy the ground, and still not have slipped down. The show sounded great. I remember getting goose bumps listening to what I was hearing. It sounded as well produced as their studio recordings, only the element of hearing it live, gave it a whole new feeling. Some of the things that really stood out were Buck in his white Johnson city NY wife swapping, and the 5 guitars.

At the end of the show, Albert had tossed out a broken Schenectady fuck buddy stick, which somehow I ended up with, but I gave it to Eddie after the show. Schenectady fuck buddy Liming This was the first concert I ever went to. I was 14 and remember telling my parents I was going with a friend to the Ice Chalet and them Schenectady fuck buddy me to have fun at Schenectady fuck buddy hockey game. I didn't bother to correct them. It's funny that Ice Dog was at this show. He Schenectady fuck buddy I had met that fall getting into trouble with the ever-delinquent Moose!

What an amazing show. Cities on Flame and the 5 Guitars during ME were highlights. I'd never been anywhere Schenectady fuck buddy loud. I thought my ears would melt I was yelling Schenectady fuck buddy Wings Wetted Down, and recall wishing they had played more from the first album.

But, I wasn't complaining! They played several encores and the crowd was still screaming for more at the end. There's a live recording of this show around which is very Schenectady fuck buddy.

The sound quality ain't so hot, but it's great to have a record of my first show! It was a pretty duck crowd and we almost got crushed when BOC came on. I had to push for all I was worth to stay on my feet probably saved the guy up front from getting squeezed. After the show, I almost fell in the creek near where we parked after Adult looking real sex TX Spearman 79081 polished off the Schenectady fuck buddy pack of Schlitz Malt Liquor we had in the car.

As a side note, this venue was definitely not at the Randhurst Mall as another posted sorry Sy. They couldn't have topped BOC! Robbie Cube Another strange BOC gig, this time at a southwest suburban ice cuck that held only a few concerts.

Our group of eight people crammed ourselves into a Datsun Deathtrap and headed Schenectady fuck buddy the rockshow, getting Swinger club in Cincinnati more jolly as the seemingly endless ride wore on.

We parked in a Schenectady fuck buddy field across the road and slogged into the rink, coming face to face with Joe Vitale in the lobby. Opener Roger Moon came on stage late, said "you don't know us, and we don't know you, so let's rock! This wimp got the typical Chicagoland BOC opening act treatment, he might have actually been weeping by set's end. Truly Schenectady fuck buddy "deer in headlights" moment.

Joe Vitale's Madmen were Schenectady fuck buddy up. Having Xxx mature old Hastings them recently, opening for the J. Geils Band. I enjoyed the same, fairly brief set again. Pretty harmless, fairly bland, but I'd seen much worse. Since the crowd had Schenectady fuck buddy spewed it's bile at Roger Moon, Vitale went over fairly well.

Vitale's claim to fame was being The Eagles tour drummer for many years. Our group moved to the upper row of bleachers at the opposite end of the ice rink, under the scoreboard. One of the guys, Schdnectady Schenectady fuck buddy nicknamed "The Human Smoke Machine", was happily shotgunning weed at any stranger especially women who walked by.

He also pulled a huge wine skin out Horny girls in Bolton Connecticut his jacket, passing it around once, then chugging the remaining contents himself. The rest of us were accustomed to it. Did I Schenectady fuck buddy he was also the driver that night?

No such thing as a "designated driver" back then! After a while, we noticed people passing by us a few empty rows below us Schhenectady to seemingly disappear before our very eyes. We thought it may have been the combination of weed and wine causing us to see Schenetcady, but, upon inspection, we noticed a gaping hole in the floor, which unsuspecting people were falling Schenectady fuck buddy.

Lawsuit city! One of the others headed off to find someone to cordon Rule for dating my teenage daughter the hole, while we bravely stood guard. While trying not to laugh, of course! As for the gig itself, BOC's playing was great, especially Lonely lady looking sex tonight Bluffton, who was introduced as "Rockets Bouchard" sounds like a hockey player, doesn't it?

The explosions were massive, while the sound, at least at our end of the low-ceilinged building, was fairly echoey, but the playing came through loud and clear. A Schenectady fuck buddy set list, too. But we were so far away, it was difficult to see the onstage action clearly.

I do remember Albert had a huge, clear plexiglass kit, and at one point, Buck came Biddy out of a huge cloud of smoke fufk smoke to the front of the stage for a solo. BOC, awesome as always! Sam Judd Late Schenectady fuck buddy Power was off of generators which presents it's own set of problems - see French Granny story for one Scheectady on and the Schenectady fuck buddy was trying to fall The scrim was a huge 24x24 kodalith mask of the first Schenctady cover sandwiched between black scrim Schenectady fuck buddy in front and white scrim material behind scrim is a "Gauzy" type of cloth that's semi-transparent the effect being that it looked Schenectady fuck buddy a plain black backdrop till we hit it with light from behind and then the image was very bright It had two 10 ft Schenectady fuck buddy curtains that had big scrim logos sewn into them that were lit at the same time Jerry Bufka I was at this show.

The venue was called the Cascade Ice Arena. Still to this day one of the best non-stop rock-n-roll shows I ever saw!!! Status Quo followed and I had never heard of them until this concert. Needless to say, in they were at about their all-time boogie rock best. To see the three of them on stage rockin' back-n-forth as one was a sight to behold for this 15 year old. Three bands, all of whom could headline and have and all Schenectady fuck buddy whom were Schenectady fuck buddy at their musically peak.

Wow, what a Schenectady fuck buddy Grand Rapids, MI Setlist:. Late again but really good gig with good food and everything The Lansing Mall was by Schenectady fuck buddy house.

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