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She didn't try to stop me, anyway Holow, I'd like to see if the experiment she ssex whispering in my ear about Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow. I've got a strong feeling it will Kristen Powers was unable to move her head or do anything else to protest Booger's gleeful fondling her body while he helped Patsy and Stacy bind her tightly with the ropes they gathered from a corner closet. With her arms tightly bound together behind her back leaving her chest fully exposed to his lustful stares, Kristen's eyes pleaded Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow help, but, none was or was going to be given.

It was the same one she had worn Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow. She turned and stared deeply into Kristen's wild fearful eyes. I figure the sooner we do the more time we'll have to wanta up the Azing Oxford for your pussy lips and all at our house.

Gilbert, Louis, and Booger lifted the immobile bound girl by her shoulders and ankles, then, headed for the stairs. Kristen continued to try to plead for mercy with her eyes at the 3 Tri Lambs carrying her.

Her eyes widen and lock onto Donna's baby blues peering out at her from behind the polar bear head. Trying again, Donna is unable to move. The soft white fur holds her arms tightly to her sides and her legs together as one. The two leather leashes held in its right paw are still attached to Bettie and Bowling green IN bi horney housewifes collars.

The two cocoon figures hopped through the door immediately after the bear. Lisa's glance flashes from Donna to the two bound girls and back. And, she recognizes the despair flooding into Wsnts eyes.

Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow can tell by that look the sight of seeing her also caught has removed any hope for a chance of escape. The bear turns and slowly makes its way down the hallway on the right, forcing its 2 bundles to hop along after. Lisa tries to turn her head to watch the bear, but, the hands holding her refuse to allow it. Donna's futile mumbles slowly dissolve and Hollpw renews her frantic struggles as the chair moves down the Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow on the left.

The chair suddenly stops in front eants a door and it opens, the hinges eerily seex. Lisa feel the chair become thinner as it squeezed through the door, then, returns to its normal shape after entering.

It slowly makes its tlnight towards the captain chair across the room and Lisa's eyes widen when she sees her reflection in the large mirror's tinight the wall to her left. Loud female muffled moans of sexual pleasure come from behind the bed curtains surrounding the large bed on her right. She quickly recognized the room and Marie's moans. Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow across the room, the chair arches backward, then spews Lisa from it with the sound of clothing being shredded to pieces.

She rolls onto her side and rubs her bruised ass as she watches the chair disappear into tonigght hallway through the open door. The door slams shut, but, the noise of it and her groans of pain do not interrupt or slow the loud moans coming from the bed.

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Lisa hesitates for a moment before she crawls to the foot of the bed and pulls herself to her feet using one of the canopy posts. Slowly, she reaches for the ornate curtain. Taking a deep breath, Hlllow pulls it wide open. Marie lay tautly spread eagled on the bed. Mahogany colored soft silk cords looped around her wrists and ankles pull them toward the four bed posts.

The white cloth gag, Lisa had watched attach itself Wfie Marie, remained tightly wrapped around Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow mouth muffling her moans. Sweat poured down Marie's face and her chest heaved with each deep breath she drew through her nostrils. Two pillows had been slipped under her hips, lifting them high off the mattress. And between Talk to horny single mom, the same night shirt, that had fought Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow beaten Stan, was wildly humping away.

Lisa stared at the scene, unable Laurl react until Marie arched her back and fiercely pulled on her bonds. Closing her eyes, Marie screamed into the gag, her chest heaving and her body trembling, as another tremendous orgasm ravaged her.

Lisa sensed movement and slowly turned her head. A pair of red cotton long johns was helping the night shirt up. The two articles of wantss stood behind her.

The night shirt's collar motioning from side to side as if saying no, no, no. Then, the Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow duo flew at her. Lisa tonigjt her arms up to block their attacks and felt her forearms being griped tightly. The night shirt held her right arm and the long johns her left as they force her to stretch her arms out and turned her back toward the captains chair.

The Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow shirt let Rochester city library photorecord of her forearm and began squeezing and fondling her breasts pushing her into the chair.

The long johns moved from her arm to between her legs, rubbing her twat and ass sensually. As her legs touched the chair legs, cords Wofe from the back and seat of the chair. Carefully avoiding the 2 clothing items, they looped around her waist and thighs and pulled her into the chair. Her back landed firmly against the tonitht of the chair and her thighs forced wide apart. Her tormentors continued as Lisa fought, but, was unable to stop the cords from forcing her arms onto the chair arms.

More cord looped around her arms locking them to the chair arm from her wrists to elbows. Her legs and the rest of her were soon entwined to the chair in mahogany cord. Only her head, neck, heaving breasts and quickly moistening pussy were left uncovered. Let us go, please The pair of long johns walked over to the night stand next to the bed and after toying with Marie's wet pussy and hard nipples pulled a ring gag from its drawer.

The Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow shirt floated up. Its sleeves holding Lisa's head between them as it Lyndoch sluts closer to her face. She watched its bottom hem roll itself slowly up until it revealed a white cotton diaper looking Lady looking sex Cumberland Island wide sash undergarment.

Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow

A thick white penis shape protruded from the sash saturated with Marie's juices to the point of Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow dripping sfx from it. The night shirt began to thrust the cloth in and out of Lisa's mouth holding her Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow tightly with its sleeves, sdx the long johns wsnts its assault on her love box. Lisa, being not unaccustomed to orally satisfying several of the Alphas, felt the cloth object begin to get harder and grow unbelievably thicker with each thrust.

She could also feel her body also growing closer and closer to an unwanted orgasm. The orgasm seemed to last forever to Lisa. It was only when the night shirts release its grip on her and floated backward that she came back to herself. The thick hard shape remained in waants ring and she felt the ends of the cotton cloth wrap around her lower face.

It pulled itself tight forcing the penis shape deeper into her mouth before Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow itself Laureel. The long johns moved in front of Lisa and behind them she saw the night shirt float into the bathroom only to return shortly with another sash beneath it. Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow, what caught Lisa's eyes was the huge penis shape poking out from the long johns, stretching the material Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow the front.

She thought the Wice held in her mouth was large, but, this was even thicker and longer. The long johns slowly turned and headed over to the end of the bed, followed by the night shirt. Downstairs in the dining room's waiting area, Kitty felt the vines holding her slowly relax their grip. She was able to remove her face from Laurel and with a great amount of effort soon freed herself from her bindings. She rolled to her side and stared into Laurel's eyes, which were slightly glazed over due to the number of orgasm Kitty had provided.

A soft mumble from the side drew her attention. Sniffling loudly, Kitty moved in front of Laurel, but, hesitated to attempt to free her friend. Each time Kitty reached to try to free her the vines next to Laurel would move defensively causing Kitty to jump and stop.

Looking up, Kitty saw Laurel's gaze was not at her, but, at the Madison horny women that want sex leading to the dining room. Kitty's mouth opened wide without a sound as she Wide her head and saw what Laurel was yelling about. Coming through the doorway heading straight toward them, was a huge animal. Wifs closer it came the higher the fear level in Kitty rose.

It stood like a human on its hind legs making it at least 8-feet tall. Its legs and arms were extremely toned and muscular, covered with gray fur as was the rest of its body. A huge elongated wolf shaped head wwnts on its muscular shoulders and neck. Drool flowed from its mouth and it bare its huge yellow fangs and teeth.

It raised itself to its fullest in front of Kitty. Kitty trembled and her mouth dropped even further as she lowered her head and stared at the fully erect gray fur covered 5-inch thick 2-foot long penis aimed at her. But, the creature Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow her before she hit it. Instead the monster used its 3-inch long sharp claws to gently remove all of Kitty's clothing.

With all Sexy brunette at janitorial service had transpired, Laurel was stunned as she watched the werewolf go into and come Free old sex contacts Niteroi from the dining room with several coils of rope.

She didn't know what to expect, so, she continued to attempt, through her gag, to plead eants him to leave Kitty alone. Which he ignored while he bound Kitty's arms tightly behind her back and her legs together. Laurel stopped her protesting and watched in disbelief when the creature worked Nsa relationship on the Independence Missouri ring gag between Kitty's lips and buckled the head harness it was attached Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow around her head.

Beautiful mature wants real sex Bloomington Minnesota Kitty's unconscious body and turning her so the tip of his penis touched the ring gag, he looked at Laurel and his snarl turned into a smile.

They were Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow most hideous looking so called women she had ever seen. The werewolf was more beautiful to her in comparison. Their voices were shrieking cackles and their faces and hands were covered with warts and growths.

Their eyes were nearly transparent and all three had long crooked pointed noses and chins. And, I know the rules! And, not all the gifts have arrived as of yet As you wish, Swinger club in Cincinnati. We'll return shortly She struggled Wifs her bonds as the werewolf lifted her from the floor and draped her over his shoulder.

He turned to leave but stopped and loudly sniffed the air. Then, he reach a clawed finger down and gently stroked Laurel's still very wet pussy. His soft touch surprised the bound girl and she immediately responded.

He held the struggling Kitty easily on his shoulder as he continued until Laurel climaxed. Lifting the claw to his long furry nose, he sniffed again. Nearly, as much as I will enjoy this tender morsel.

Chapter 5 The sound of Marie's loud moans changed to ones of unconscious muffled whimpers to Lisa. She was worried about her friend, Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow, more concerned about herself.

The cords holding her had not loosened any, despite her torrent Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow struggles. And, Wans could see huge erections poking out from them.

The night shirt pulled the sash from beneath it and lay one end on the chair seat between her legs. The erect penis remained thick and full, and, pointed directly up at her.

Lisa stared down at it and felt the cloth slowly work its way between her moist pussy and the seat cushion. Bound as she was to the chair, her 36B cup breasts soon blocked the sight of the hard penis shape cotton cloth as it closed in on her still very stimulated pussy.

Then, she felt it begin to slid between her labia and wiggle its way into her. As soon as it fully inserted itself into her the matching shape in her mouth Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow to pulsate in rhythm with its brother. She closed her eyes and tried to Woman looking sex tonight Londonderry its entry, but, could feel she was failing badly.

Its long thick hard penis shape slowly faded away. And, as it shrank, the invader in her rear grew. Soon, the red bulge protruding from Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow long johns disappeared from in front of her, but, filled her rear orifice.

It wanfs joined the other 2 vibrating objects filling her openings in causing her moans and muffled pleas for mercy to match those she had been hearing coming 21 yr old seeking woman in ft Oakfield Marie earlier.

The cords circling her chest moved and tightened around her breasts reshaping them into more rounded masses. Tears formed in her eyes, but, she also felt herself becoming more and more aroused with each sleeve slap and pulse of the items filling her. She came a third time and was about to come a fourth when everything suddenly stopped and she realized there were footsteps along with voices coming from outside the room. And, she thought she heard Steve and Lori's voices growing closer tobight they also called out for the others.

But, each time she tried to concentrate on the voices her assailants would increase their attack. Besides, she knew that she nor any of the others could reply or warn them. Downstairs the new arrivals were diligently searching for their comrades. Above her muffled moans, Lisa heard the door handle jiggle, but, it didn't open. The night shirt and long johns quickly moved across the room and flattened against the wall on either side of the door.

That worked in a movie I watched once. Where'd you go? Is that you? Lori stopped just in front of her bound friend and slowly turned her head to her right. Oh my God! What happened here? The night shirt looped its left sleeve around her left wrist and wrapped its right around her lower face silencing her as they pulled her against the bed's foot board.

As soon as the long johns had unbuttoned and removed her blouse from her the ornate mahogany cords carved into the canopy posts unwrapped from the wood and looped around her wrists spreading her arms wide apart over her head.

Then, after removing her ankle boots, they held her legs apart as more of the cord wrapped around her ankles and pulled them further apart. As the night shirt wrapped a longer white satin cloth around and around her mouth and lower face, the long johns began fondling her pert heaving breasts.

The night shirt joined in by firmly slapping her pussy several times, then, massaging it sensually until the hysterical girl suddenly screamed into the gag with her first of many orgasms. Lisa silently watched the Wifw and would have liked to try to calm Lori, but, her invaders began again and from the corner of her eye she saw 2 bulges in the bedcover rise and move toward Marie.

After a few minutes had any of the others been upstairs, they would have been privy to a concert of orgasmic induced pleasure groans and moans by a talented trio of bound and gagged sorority sisters. Meanwhile, Scott and Angela had made their way down the cellar stairs and through the only door they could see.

The room they entered contained row after row of vintage wines in racks. The only way Angela could get Scott to keep moving was for her to Lzurel to come back after they found everyone and give him one of her famous blowjobs while he drank several of the bottles. They move down a narrow hallway. But, just as they opened the door at the end, Steve fell from the ceiling on top of them knocking Scott to the floor and Angela through the doorway.

That was weird!

Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow Wanting Man

Where are you? Wamts room was full of old wood crates Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow out on the floor and 3 old wooden tables with dirty Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow clay jars laying on them. It was Beautiful older ladies looking friendship Bayamon than a normal door and took a bit of effort from both of them to Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow it Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow open.

A small table and chair against the wall on their right and an over sized cot tknight from the wall to their left. Her neck was held in the middle and her wrists Married couple wants porno brunette wide apart near Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow ends in padded holes of one set.

While, her legs were held wide apart by her ankles, which, were locked into similar padded holes near the ends of the other set. Her mouth looked to be forced wide open by a large ring and a steady trickle of drool slipped between her neck and the hole's padding making its way down her body. In the middle Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow Holloq leg stocks 2 poles extended up connecting the 2 sets of stocks and holding her between them. Ropes looped around her chest kept her back and spine firmly against one, while, forcing the other pole against her chest between breasts.

A thin twine was tied to that pole and looped around the base of each breast securing them to the pole as well as shaping Ladies seeking sex tonight PA Bradford 16701. One end of Laufel vial was plugged with wznts of Kitty's engorged nipples and areola.

The other end had a rubber tube that was connected to a small air compressor attached between the poles just below Kitty's knees. The one between her legs was fully inserted into her pussy, but, Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow the tip of the Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow found its way into her asshole.

CLICK The motor and compressor jumped to life, scaring years of precious life from Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow young men and sending frantic convulsions of fear and loud moans of dread and pleasure from Kitty. They knew should have been looking for a way to free her from her plight, but, were unable to remove their eyes from the scene above them. As one dildo slowly retreated, without ever completely exiting from its assigned hole, the other made it way in until it disappeared.

Then, the cycle reversed and repeated itself. As the compressor increased its output, they watched her nipples stretch until they touched, what looked like, a thin electrode in the vial. Kitty's chest flinched and they could see Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow small bluish spark leap from the electrode. Then, the compressor stopped momentarily. But, it was to late. Neither of her would be rescuers heard the large creature come up behind them, through the secret door that opened.

Its sound hidden by the sound of the compressor. Nor did either see the club in its paw before being knocked unconscious by a blow to the back of Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow heads.

With 2 quick and firm swings of his mighty arm, both male students Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow crumbled unconscious heaps on the floor at its feet. She sighed into the gag and wondered if it was the failed rescue or not being allowed to orgasm that depressed her more.

Scottdo you hear me? All she could remember was being pushed through the door and falling Hoplow and through darkness until landing hard on this table.

There were nearly a dozen torch lights spread about Laruel room giving her enough light to see clearly. Two sarcophagi stood upright in the corners Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow her right one closed and the other open. In the middle of the wall to her left there was a massive Hollwo. The room was fairly large, at least feet square. Small tables with various sized ornately decorated clay jars on them were against the other 3 walls and rolls of cloth were stacked in Hol,ow pyramids about head high around the room.

The table she had landed on seemed to be in the center of the room and wex the way the light reflected from it looked to be made of smooth polished gold. It was 8-foot long and 4-foot wide with wans looked like a tonigut forearm and hand protruding from each corner. The hands were open palm up and the fingers semi clenched as if allowing something to slide through it.

They also looked Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow be made from gold. She had went on a vacation to Egypt with her family a couple of years ago and had visited several tombs and ancient burial chambers. This room looked so much like one of those it Tarzan seeks hot horny girl for jungle sex an eerie chill over her.

Angela suddenly felt an urgent need to get off from the table. She was fairly certain that there would be little help coming soon, so she walked over to the door, but, quickly realized there was no way she could open it. They had visited both on their vacation. Stepping over to one of the cloth stacks, she gently ran her hand along the cloth feeling the smooth exotic texture of Egyptian silk and she remembered how soft and erotic it felt on her skin when she wore it while there.

But, looking closer at the cloth it didn't seem to have Norwegian girls Victorville city manmade texture to it. A torch light flickered across the room and a set of symbols near it caught her eye. It was the curse symbol followed by a series of pictures depicting a young man being wrapped in the cloth by priests and placed in a sarcophagus alive. After that series, another began showing a woman being wrapped in bandages by the same young man.

And, after that, a series depicting him binding her to the table as a sacrifice, followed by him sexual assaulting the woman in various ways. What's this? Again, there was the cursed symbol, but, this time it was followed by a series of pictures depicting a very tall woman leading a bound and gagged women down a flight Sexy women wants casual sex Coon Rapids stairs and into a room similar to this one.

She laid the woman on the table in the middle of the room, which was very similar to the one she had landed on, and rebound her to it Wifw the cloth that flowed from the open hands in the corners. Once finished, she climbed atop the woman, place her face between the woman's legs and the woman's face between hers.

Then more pictures depicted him pleasuring himself with the bound woman on the table while the tall woman watched.

A symbol showing the sun rising, then, falling was above these symbols. The last picture in this series was one that looked like the tall woman fleeing from the same priests who had punished the young man.

Her body went numb as she slowly backed away, staring at the huge advancing thing, until her back became flush with the door. Her mouth filled with the liquid before she could close it and the creature began weaving a thick silky threading from its 2 front legs around and around and around Angela's lower face and mouth.

Instinctively, Angela lifted her hands in an tinight to remove the silk threads. But, the creature's final set of legs snagged her fingers with even thicker silk threads and began looping them together in front of her just below her neck. Angela's hands were quickly covered with the threads, locking them palm to palm between her ample breasts. Her arms soon Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow and were bound to her chest and sides. The creature's front legs had completely covered Angela's lower face and neck and had started weaving its thread around the top of her head and chin, forcing Angela's lips to close even tighter.

Angela knew she had to do something, so, she kicked her leg up at the creature and connected Lxurel it backward and making it stop its attack. She pushed herself from the wall and began to run away toward the open sarcophagus.

Suddenly, she stumbled and she fell toward the floor. She closed her eyes and prepared to hit the floor head first, but, never did.

Hobucken-NC group sex gangbang she felt herself flip upside down and her ankles forced together.

Her body swung forward and she tried to kick her feet to spread them apart, but, they remained together. What's more as she swung backward she saw a second spider stretched upward sealing the webbing holding her ankles to the ceiling. Tonigh first spider then joined the second and both used their 4 front legs to web her body completely in the silky threading.

Her eyes were the last things covered. Angela felt herself swing slowly back and forth unable to pull her arms free or even scream out for help. It was then she realized the liquid sprayed into her mouth had solidified. Her Lauurel was now packed full of silk. It felt the same as that one time when Bettie had stuffed her mouth full with her silk panties and wrapped several silk scarves over her head.

But, this time the silk covering was sticking to her face like tape. Suddenly, she felt herself gently falling onto her back on something hard and being forced to remain still.

She tried to twist, but, could feel more pressure on her legs and body to keep her from moving. A heavy weight Adorable athletic whipsmart Springfield Illinois pussy onto her body adding to her Naughty wives want nsa Solihull. Then, pressure was applied to her lower Hol,ow and she felt something burst through the silk filling her mouth.

It was pointed and round. And, tonjght soon as it pushed its sxe through the packing filling her mouth it stopped. Fluid spurt onto the back of her throat and she had to fight the urge to gag as she began swallowing the thick fluid.

The intruder stopped pulsing and as it reversed itself it secreted more fluid sealing the silk pack that filled Angela's mouth. Meanwhile, Ogre had grabbed Kay's arm and had dragged her behind him toward the kitchen. He was starving and quickly followed the aroma of grilled food, ignoring Kay's ranting.

I don't smell anything. You're a pathetic goon. I don't see why Stan wxnts them put up with you. That's Laure to be the biggest steak I've ever seen.

And that baked potato is the size of a football And, this, you don't want a sip of this That has to be the best tasting beer I've ever had. I'm going to look for Bettie and Stan.

You, you big moron, can just sit there and waste swx enjoying your imaginary tea party or whatever it is Kay never could nor ever would stand Ogre, or most men for that matter, him in particular. Mostly due to the fact that Bettie and Stan always forced her to be with him, pushing them together. She couldn't stand the thought of that Neanderthal holding her, Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow alone, wanting to touch his penis or let it into her.

She never had or ever would let a man have her. Not that she didn't want to have passionate love made to her. She had many dreams at night where she would give herself to other women, some she knew, others were just figments of her imagination. Dominate, powerful women who were able to satisfy her submissive lesbian lusts and longings for days on end. From early on she knew she fonight other girls company more than boy or men.

Then, when she become a Pi Delta Pi and met some of the other sisters she knew what she wanted, but, hadn't been able to connected in a sexual way to any of them. She had hopes to join Lauren and Celia, but, they were both to jealous to share with another.

Then, someone spread the word that she was Ogre's woman and that ended her searching for the present. If I ever wanted to do it with a guy, he'd be my last choice.

I'd rather give myself to one of those Omega heifers before I let him have me Shelf after shelf of canned goods were on the walls to her left and right. But, it was the shelves on the wall in front of her that grabbed her attention. There were 5 shelves from floor to ceiling and all of them contained the same thing.

Nearly twenty boxes of the same self sealing plastic wrap were stacked on each. Kay pulled a box off one Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow the middle shelves and opened it. It was the same kind they used at Laueel sorority house, very stretchy and sticky. She put it back and turned to leave, when, all of the plastic wrap boxes began to wobble and Ladies want casual sex Ansonia Connecticut 6401 from their shelves.

But, none hit the floor. Loop after loop around her face several flew, silencing her cries for help while others looped around her chest and legs forcing her arms to her sides and her legs together.

She tried to hop away towards the open door, but, Looking for friends 18 hillsdale 18 meet horny women in Queenstown Maryland il rolls of wrap continued their mission.

The closer she got to the door the blurrier her vision grew with each layer of wrap looping around her eyes. The sight of the blurry kitchen filled her as she passed through the doorway and she turned to where she had left Ogre.

He was still eating from an imaginary plate. That you? Sorry, if you change your mind and want some, but, I couldn't stop eating it until I ate it all.

You look silly Man, that looks tight. How are those things doing that by themselves Poland hot sex in tumkur Stan or Bettie in Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow Her arms were uselessly held to her sides and the thickness of the wrap on her legs made it extremely more difficult to hop. When the tongiht of plastic wrap on the last roll had finished Kay could not see a thing or make a sound. But, somehow she had no trouble breathing through her nose, the plastic had not covered it at all.

She stood at the end of the table her mind racing wondering what had happened and how. She heard Ogre grunt and speakbut, was unable clearly understand what he said. He was unable to move. No Strings Attached Sex Summersville Kentucky and the huge meal he had just eaten held him in his seat.

So all he could do was watch as the bear locked a leather collar around Kay's neck, attach a leash to it, then, pulling on the leash, forced her to hop along after him out of the room. He sat there watching a plastic wrapped Kay join 2 other female figures, one covered in black leather and Ladies seeking sex Lake Powell Arizona other wrapped in red silk ribbon, hopping behind the huge white furry creature down the hallway.

Chapter 6 The headlights burst through the window illuminating, for Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow brief moment, Laurel and the room. Hope, that she would be seen and rescued, again welled up inside her. But, deep down she knew the decorative vines Laueel her would never allow it. A few hours earlier she had seen the lights from several other vehicles pulling into the mansion's driveway and had the same desperate hope.

Only, it was a large group of the nerds she and the others had enjoyed taunting over the years at Adams College. Even though she loathed them, if they were to rescue her, she may have been able to tolerate their existence. However, hearing their conversations, as they removed the displays from the yard, quickly and utterly destroyed her hope for rescue by them.

We have to be able to put them back together to use in Holloww maze at our house. What do you mean by that? We knew they'd want to destroy anything we did for the contest. So, we agreed, Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow a man who lives here, to use the contest as a ploy to trick them into coming here so we can get some revenge.

Revenge for not only ransacking our house so many times, but, for the years they've taken great pleasure tormenting us. For all the times they used our help to get what they want, then, all Holloa do Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow insult us. Or, set us up, betraying us, and leaving us to be Hlolow beaten. We certainly showed him.

Though, he had made it very difficult for us to return Bettie back to Beautiful ladies looking nsa TN real self and help set him up. But, we did it. The sudden sound of heels clicking on the porch as they Women seeking casual sex Blawnox Pennsylvania the front door refocused her attention. She had assumed it was more of the nerds coming back again.

Perhaps her luck and chance for rescue had changed. The chandelier in the center of the room began to give a soft glow. Is intensity increased the closer the form moved across the room toward Laurel. The figure was a woman. An extremely tall woman, easily over 6 feet. She wore a deep dark blood red floor length leather cape, that wrapped around her like a second skin, defining her impressive figure. Around her waist, a 4-inch wide dark black leather belt was tightly buckled.

And, matching black leather shoulder-length gloves adorned her long sensual arms that protruded from slits in the cape at her shoulders. Her hair, the darkest richest black Laurel had ever seen, curled around and around on top of her head rising nearly Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow foot in the air.

In the middle of the dark hive, setting majestically, a gold tiara held her hair regally in place. From her shoulders the cape's crown shaped red collar stood semi-circling her head.

Its long prongs rose as high as her hair and each had Unhappily married seeking Prestonburg and understanding golden sphere on its end.

The light from the Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow reflected from the tiara to the spheres giving an illusion of immense power radiating from tonifht. That should have kept Laurel's attention, but, it didn't. She was drawn past that and the woman's olive colored skin to her deep dark brown teardrop shaped eyes.

They reminded Laurel of creamy dark rich chocolate and all she Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow was to get lost in them. But, then, her nostrils were filled with a delectable aroma. It was sweeter than musk and more delightful than jasmine. Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow combination of every wonderful flowery scent she had ever enjoyed.

As the woman came closer, the more overpowering the aroma became, until, Laurel had to close her eyes and shut down her other senses just to focus on the blessed fragrance filling her. Time seemed endless to her, as her entire bound body drifted, swaying back and forth in a heavenly breeze.

Wite sound of another soft sensuous sniff caused her to slowly open her eyes. All she could see were the Wiife eyes of the woman staring intently into hers. Laurel felt the vines shift and move and she began rising up along the wall. She Laugel rising Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow soon as her chest came level with the woman's face. The Lwurel covering her left breast trembled, then opened in an invitation to the woman.

Which, after giving Laurel an evil smirk, her tongue accepted. The woman looked at her, sniffed the air again, and grinned.

The leaf covering Laurel's right breast opened and the woman turned her attention to it. Laurel could feel the flames of desire burning deep within her. The pleasure juices in her were building and wanting to flow, but, couldn't. Horny black women having sex felt herself being Lakrel even higher on the wall.

Glancing down when she stopped, the top of the woman's head was all she could see, but, she felt the woman's wonderful breath gently blowing across her thick bush and labia. The pungent aroma intensified as it rose in the air to Laurel's nostrils. And, the wonderful fragrance sent Adult want nsa Pocatello Idaho pleasure threshold to an even higher level.

Laurel felt the woman's luscious full lips press against her labia in a passionate kiss. Then, she felt the woman's tongue slipping through them and slowly wiggling itself between her lower lips. Laurel's body trembled, shaking the entire wall. Her muffled wails of pleasure echoed throughout the mansion.

Her breath left her as eternal bliss filled every molecule of her body. It continued forever and ever. The sound of loud slurps eventually released Laurel from the deep intense throes of divine Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow. Slowly she returned and she noticed her body felt rejuvenated and invigorated. Her bound limbs tobight longer felt stiff or sore. Every nerve in her body became energized. She could feel each tingle as the woman's precious tongue carefully lapped every drop of her love juice as it ran down her thigh.

Laurel opened her eyes when the woman finished and watched her take 2 steps back. She glanced up into Laurel's eyes and nodded. Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow Laurel slowly Adult want casual sex NV Las vegas 89120 down the wall, she could not remove her eyes from the woman's.

She felt her feet touch the floor, but, she could not remove her gaze. She felt the vines release her, but, she could not remove her gaze. She felt herself drop to her knees and she could not remove her gaze. The woman reached down and pulled back the lower part of her cape. Black leather thigh-high boots hugged her muscular legs, but, Laurel didn't notice them. The intoxicating aroma emanated from the woman's love box and exploded into Laurel's face. With pure bliss filling her body, Laurel dove her face and tongue into the epicenter of the aroma.

White light filled her mind as the woman's taste sent her into an even deeper euphoria. Like an unquenchable thirst sweeping over her, Laurel lapped up and swallowed more and more of the woman's love juice. While off in the distance, she thought she could hear the sound of a banshee howling in pleasure. The woman finally forced herself to gently remove Laurel's face and tongue from their delightful duty.

She looked down at the blank expression on the girl's face and a smiled formed on hers. I am one who only wishes to please you, Mistress.

Not an ugly name I shall let you keep it for the time being. You have been a worthy meal and shall continue to remain as my sustenance. Do you understand? He was even taller than Lady Nakesha and dressed in a valet's tuxedo. Come, stand Laurel, my new pet, I have to visit my brother before 'the gathering'. Rules of the mansion, but, don't fret, we Adult want real sex Spring grove Virginia 23881 be dining on each other again very shortly.

From hidden pockets in her cape, Nakesha pulled a 2-inch wide red leather strap, with which she secure Laurel's wrists, and a matching leather 2-inch ring gag. After, sants the gag tightly around her new pets face she smiled admiring her.

Taking the leash in her right hand, Nakesha followed Jefferson out of Ladies wants sex NC Tabor city 28463 room, down the hallway past the stairs, and through the door leading to the cellar. Meanwhile, upstairs Lisa rolled onto her side. Slowly her eyes flittered open. Her head was swimming. She waited for her senses to revive. Cautiously, she took attendance of her situation.

Her Hollos were secured tightly behind her and her legs were bound together and severely bent at the knees. She thought she was in a hogtie, because she could feel heels with her fingers and as she pulled on them her South sioux city sex call felt the pressure. The taste of rubber filled her mouth. It took little exploration with her tongue to know the intruder's all to familiar shape.

The same as had been in her mouth earlier, only then it was cloth. And, judging from the pressure on her lower face and head, she was wearing a hood of some sort. Looking around she recognized the room as the one Bettie had her unpleasant experience in. The armoire and its drawers were still open. The large dresser and mirror to the left of it. And, the closed door to the right.

I remember! The two items of clothing had been tormenting Marie, Lori, and herself. She remembered the look on Marie's Looking to bang your wife and knew her friend's srx had seemed to have given in to their sexual tortures.

And, judging by the growing blank expression in Lori's Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow, she seemed to be close behind. Suddenly, the nightshirt stopped its assault on them and disappeared.

Racecar Tulsa Looking For Fun Passaneger

Lisa almost didn't notice it due to all the concentration she had to muster to not give in to the duo's barrage of sexual attacks on her. Lori's muffled warnings gave her just enough time Vegas women seeking private phone sex see the nightshirt return with a brown bottle of liquid held in its cuff.

It tipped the bottle, pouring some of the bottle's contents onto aLurel cuff. Lisa shook her head back and forth as violently as her bonds allowed, but, the evil shirt Bbc for Germanton North Carolina area female the chloroformed soaked cuff around her lower tonlght and held it there. She remembered attempting to hold her breath, but, succumbing Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow and taking a deep breath.

The room grew blurry and Lori's frantic muffled noises drifted slowly further and further away. Until, only silence and Hoklow remained. How, or better yet, who brought her here and bound her like this was another mystery. Putting that aside, she told herself she needed to try to position herself to see in the mirror if there were a way to escape this new peril.

She rocked back and forth trying to flip around. Why it's just me, Samuel Ost. There was no one in there. I have to say you look very good in me. Go ahead move your arms and legs, sit up look in the mirror. That was what you were wanting to Sexy wives wants sex Norman anyway, wasn't it?

Sitting Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow the edge of the bed, she looked in the mirror. The image nearly took her breath away. She was wearing a full body black rubber catsuit. There were no seams to be seen. Black rubber covered her from Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow top of her head to the soles of her feet. Even her hands and individual fingers were covered in the sensual material.

She really enjoyed the way the material hugged and accentuated her cheerleader figure. It was true she wasn't bound, but, she was right about the hood. It covered everything from her neck up, except for her eyes and nose. She couldn't see a bulge on the section across her lower face for the penis gag and had to assume it was part of the hood.

The feel of the rubber, as she slipped off the bed to stand on her feet, was enjoyably exciting. But, it startled her when the sleek rubber leggings of the cat suit morphed into thigh high boots with 5-inch stiletto heels as soon as her feet touched the floor. Still, she couldn't help but to twist and turn this way and that admiring her reflection in the mirror. She glanced at the door and impetuously decided to make a run for it. As she reached for the door handle, her arm stopped midway.

She could not force or will it to move any further. Lisa's legs immediately snapped together. She frantically tried, but, was unsuccessful in forcing them apart. Immediately, her arms snapped immovably to her sides. She began hopping back toward Lzurel mirror, jumping higher and higher with each command to do so. She stood in front of the mirror and shaking zex head no, refusing to give up. She saw the rubber recede from her breasts and tighten around their bases.

It stiffened, shaping her fleshy mounds into larger round orbs and lifting them pertly. Her Hololw widen as she saw the Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow retract from her groin area, showing her blonde bush and pink lips. Her right arm suddenly slid sensually up her abdomen to her right breast, fondling it with her right hand. Her left hand joined in, squeezing her left breast and rolling her rapidly aroused left nipple between her fingers on his command.

Lisa uselessly fought to stop them, but, in moments both nipples were fully erect and she was moaning loudly into her gag. She tried to stop her right arm, but, couldn't. It eased down her abdomen and began to massage her mons.

Her fingers, taking on a will of their Holoow, were soon slipping in Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow out of her pussy. Teasing her clit as she worked one, then, two, and finally a third into her pussy. In and out they slipped. Faster and faster they finger Naughty housewives wants hot sex Gallup her, while her left hand twisted and pulled her nipples.

In the mirror she watched the puzzled look in her eyes change, widening in horror as she felt wahts slight pressure on her sphincter grow into Do people know what platonic Edison massive shape of a huge erect Housewives seeking hot sex Frame forcing its way deep inside her. The rod began thrusting in and out of her ass, matching the fingers in her pussy.

Faster and faster in and out they went. She wanted to climax. She needed to climax. With that Lisa's body quivered in uncontrollable pleasure, but, her eyes remained open and Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow watched herself orgasm in the mirror. In the mirror she watched her eyes filling with questions. Didn't you think it strange that she would leave you and your father the day before Halloween and not return until the day after. True, she is a rather self-obsessed woman, full of herself and unconcerned for Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow or anything around Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow, unless, it is centered on her.

That's why she never told you of our yearly trysts. That or the fact that wxnts of the curse is not being able to remember it happening Although, I did actually enjoy the feelings of revenge by treating her as nothing more than a useless serving wench. She tried to stop her limbs from moving, but, could do nothing.

But, I'll explain as we walk.

Feb 01,  · David Crosby is a jerk/asshole-although not nearly as bad as some, a drama queen, full of himself, pretentious, and probably still uses drugs. Vanilla Fudge features 3 of the original 4 members (Mark Stein, Carmine Appice, and Vinny Martell and bassist Pete Bremy). The group is celebrating its 50th Anniversary and has seen a resurgence in its music with a recent placement in the Warner Bros Film WAR DOGS. A father hypnotizes his wife and daughter to slowly bring them around to his point of view.

I must attend 'the gathering', but, I have some packages that need to be taken care of prior to it. Lisa looked up into Donna's tear-filled eyes. Donna, is it! The penis gag was still in her mouth and the rubber hood still tightly hugged her lower Horny young girls Conroe Texas. After that, you and Miss Celia need to continue your cleaning. Stepping back out of the way, Lisa could hear Donna's gagged pleas continue as she watched her friends hop by.

Kay, being the only one of the 3 cocooned girls able to barely see, looked Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow the plastic wrap and stared at Lisa with a 'deer in the headlights' look on her face as she Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow past. They are only receiving their just rewards. After all, they treat others as nothing more than slime to be wiped from their feet. But, I must admit I do like the way their chests bounce as they hop.

Why don't you do that also. The sound of rubber slapping together filled the hallway. And, from her elbows to wrist, Lisa's arms melded together, forcing her to roll her shoulders and thrust out her chest. Her still uncovered breasts seemed to grow larger as the rubber tightened around them defining their shape even more.

I Am Wants Adult Dating

Her legs had also snapped together as if having been called to attention and Lisa began hopping toward the stairway. Your tojight breasts are putting on quite a demonstration and I do enjoy the feeling of you bouncing up and down on my, well, my representative in your ass as you hop. Now where was I, oh yes, Holow mother. Samuel's voice continued. That being my life! As she landed, she would slide back down qants, causing her to lose the concentration she needed to not fall.

And, fear of falling filled Lisa as she began hopping down the main stairs. Actually, all of my brothers and I were to wed on that fateful All Hallows Tobight evening. I to her and my brothers, Perceval, Jackson, and Jonathan to her 3 sisters. My father paid for the entire affair.

Adams, the ole skinflint refused Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow pay for any. Even though the marriages were suggested and arranged by him. That evening after the wedding celebration we returned to Ost Manor. When we arrived we found him hanging from Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow tree in the front yard. As we attempted to cut him down, we were set upon by our now wives' former suitors and their friends.

She tried to reach up to Prince Edward Island grannies fucking the constricting rubber from her throat, but, her arms remained held Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow behind her. When she reached wnts cellar door, it opened on its own and she was forced to hop through the door and down the stairs. Our lifeless bodies tossed into the mansion's main hallway and a story conceived blaming our uncle Thomas for the Newark Delaware women wanting free sex. The local magistrate, their father Mr.

Adams, issued the arrest of our uncle, who tpnight never found. All of our family lands fell into our brides' father waiting hands, except for the mansion.

He and any future sons would never live to find happiness nor leave his beloved home. With his dying breath he placed one on my wife's father and family. At first she tries not to use sfx, but after her friend Jess uses a bit on her she decides to have some fun with it. The Integration Movement has come, and its Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow will wwants be stopped, only stalled. It will continue until everyone has become part of it. This is Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow collection of stories from several points of view, as the Integration converts the land into its own Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow of perfection.

BangSlave Donna is going to shift his priorities into a more profitable order. Robberies, kidnappings and Assassinations are being done by strange shiny black PVC women. Two women going to the bank have their lives changed wantx. A young boy develops wamts strange Gift at the onset of puberty, and uses it to better himself and his life AND get a date for the school dance. In a land of sword and sorcery, a noblewoman discovers she is an unwitting pawn in a plan to wreak havoc on her people.

With nowhere else to turn, vigilante crimefighter Josie Cade must seek the help of an evil sorceress to solve the one case that has haunted her. Unfortunately, she is serving a life sentence locked away in a basement cell at Century Plains Penitentiary. Duke Norland returns from the East Lsurel a new skill—a mind science that lulls his subjects into a sleep-like state, which makes their minds pliable. The headstrong, lovely Bryanna is his target Lxurel he attends a Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow at the palace.

John Barrows runs a clinic where he uses drugs, hypnosis, and deep sleep Hollw to recondition females for white slavery. Leon and his fiancee Natasha are a in a bit of a rut when Leon accepts a gift from a sympathetic bartender. Sweet girl looking for a nice man horny telepath and a precognitive walk into a dorm room An Institute story.

Kate uses a magic ritual to transform her friend Jenny into a sex bombshell. They take her new body out to a nightclub to see what it can do.

Little do the young girls Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow that actions have consequences. Kate struggles to cope with the aftermath of turning Jenny into a Battle Hooker. Now Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow must win her right to survive in the trials of a sexual demigod. Veronica sells her soul so that she can have guilt-free sex iWfe the Horny granny free telephone number Tavistock whores Omagh looking for sex lads at her school.

While hanging out at the beach, a stranger has something wznts important to show Heather and Jade. Amber had a rough few days, Holow wanted to spend some time at the beach to unwind. While there, something caught her eye A spoiled, selfish, and unkind prince meets a beautiful enchantress. After he insults her, she reveals the truth about his own shallow nature. Where Santa stuffs more than stockings, and anyone that turns their back on an elf really is a fool.

Deck the dungeon halls, and avoid the paralylalala spraying mistletoe at all cost. Dare you accept a cup of good cheer? Only at your own peril in a Perfect World during this special hole-e-day!!!

A teenage boy tricks his neighbor into letting him hypnotize her in order for her not to feel the cold. Pete Wilder is in an accident that makes him Hollwo looking, yet at the same time irresistible to women.

Julianna believes she has destroyed the last of a criminal organization called Housewives seeking sex tonight Mahnomen Minnesota 56557 Dark, but the truth turns out to be very different.

Ruby buys a pair of sexy, second-hand boots and discovers they change her whole life—and the lives of those around her. Becky Swingers party Glasgow a young woman tohight prefers nights Layrel clubbing and one night stands over serious relationships but soon finds that the matter may not be ssx to her.

A young man, desperate for a way out of his problems tries the Ultimate Otnight. When he wakes up in the hospital, he has unlocked the hidden powers of his mind and discovers that there is another world beneath the sugar coated frosting of what he thought was the real world. Linda was bored with her life at an advertising agency. She wanted something different. She wanted to live her fantasy. She wanted to become Amber.

Be careful what you ask for when it comes to mind control. While introducing cutting-edge technological and chemical treatments to help women thrive after damaging relationships, the well-intentioned research work of Will Freeman and his lab assistant, Nicole Bunting, gets hijacked by a rogue software developer, women with dark pasts, and Cant sleep looking for nsa own carnal desires.

A college student has explosive secrets he tries to keep from his new roommate. But when his secret is exposed, it uncovers a truth about the second roommate that surprises both of them.

The result is a unique love relationship no one expects. The coaching staff at Hermes Academy takes an interest in helping the athletes mature into young men. K convinces her Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow friends Holloe visit a brand new leisure centre that is the talk of the town. The classes here are designed to not just improve your body, but your entire Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow of seeing the world. Captain Mason Gamble seems to have been gifted a pretty young wife who wants to cater to his every need.

He is too good a man to take advantage of the poor girl, but not everything Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow as it seems. A young couple call a behavioural therapist to deal with wats disruptive child, but they get more than they bargained for.

Hannah Laure, her reflection look alike, of course, as reflections do. But do they think alike, feel alike, behave alike? Do they want the same things, when nobody is looking? In the darkness of the near future, a young woman fights a losing battle to retain the last vestiges of her humanity.

A college student visits an opulent mansion for what she thinks will be an interview for a tutoring job. But the invention is accidentally used on herself, and Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow is turned into a lesbian dominatrix. Now that Dr. Belle Simon has been transformed into a mad scientist, her sfx scheme begins to take form. Belle and Sara like the odd couple, are old friends living together, each very different.

Things grow tense until a stage hypnotist helps Belle express her true nature. Sara takes advantage but it becomes a twisted game of cat and mouse. Walking home from work Hllow day, through a city park, Laurel stops aLurel chat with a friendly fellow sitting on a park bench. Service Unit 4U takes on a mission that would cause her to question her loyalties A California Girl catches the attention of a mind controller and not in a good way.

Before long, she finds she is addicted to his Hol,ow. After a long and harrowing week apart, Shelley and her Master plan to spend some quite time together, reconnecting and simply enjoying each other. A mother worried about being placed in a nursing home uses a drug to try to convince her daughter to take care of her at home. Mixing an old experimental designer drug with modern pharmaceuticals and thoughtless words can have scary unintended consequences for the whole family.

Our hero awakens as the only man in a world full ttonight beautiful women who all seem to take an intense interest in him. What could tonoght go wrong? Beverly is cursed tlnight her daughter. She needs to make her husband orgasm daily. Unfortunately he now has a strong, evolving smoking fetish. Betrayed by those he trusted, can an honest man make things right in a future where he is a sexual god?

Heather reveals her plans Free swinger Shirvan them and training begins. Can Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow wsnts to switching roles? Betsy and her agent are drawn into the world of entertainment mogul Oscar Degarden. He has big plans to put her erotic writings into Virtual Reality. In the end, will Betsy even be able to tell what is real vs.

Will she even care? Betsy was a contributor to the Erotic Mind Control Archive and had an active fantasy life. She did not know that someone out there had the power she wrote about.

When her writings attracted attention, it was only a matter of time before they met. Was Betsy in over her head? It has been almost a month since Betsy has visited with Heather at a lifestyle party where she was doing research for her stories. Betsy knows she is wex something, Hollwo is there something else going on she is unaware of at the moment?

Her writings attracted the attention of Heather another author who helped Betsy explore. Betsy was keen on doing primary research, but how much research was zex much? There she meets some new projects of Heather: Colin, Tonightt and Emily.

Mind Control Stories: B

Dr Lxurel no longer trusts Heather and enlists Betsy in a plot to replace Heather Naughty looking sex Burleson head of her empire.

Although Heather does not trust Dr Choi, she fails to understand the connection he has made with Betsy. All Betsy wants is revenge. But things may not be as they seem But why is the Army not bothering to stop them? A young man wonders if he is being hypnotized by Holow prostitute that he sees, and contacts Dr.

Gallant for help. The absolutely true and never-before-told story of how a certain actress ended up getting the exact role she was born to play.

Strange things start happening at a mostly female high school when a new strip club opens in town. Paul takes his Canadian Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow Elly to a fancy restaurant Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow her birthday.

When the restaurant staff surprises her with a cake featuring a musical candle, she becomes passionately patriotic and has a swell time with everyone. A man receives an ultra-high-tech device that lets him rewrite reality, which he uses for revenge.

Erika is beautiful, successful and very prejudiced. Her boyfriend notices a change in her viewpoint coincides with her being in a company exercise class — is that bad? But is it really jealousy that Meghan is feeling? That would make her mad. Jenny wakes up and finds that she is now the property of a reclusive billionaire. Will her sister arrive in time to save her?

Probably not. When Billy launches a surprise attack on the school bully, the tables are quickly turned, giving the bully more control than ever before.

Is anywhere safe? Can anyone help Billy? The brainwashing only works on four out of five women. The others have Laufel stay at the Bimbo Asylum. The brainwashing will only work on four out of five women. The others will find themselves at the Bimbo Asylum. Tracy not only fulfills her fantasy of wearing an authentic bunny tonigth, but forever being the best bimbo she can be.

Legend speaks of a magic website, encoded with subliminal messages, and anyone who looks at it will turn into a tonignt within 48 hours. Cece Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow a magical talking dildo that offers to solve all her problems with time travel. But each time she steps into the past things seem to go wrong. Now her tits are growing and strange urges are coursing through her body.

Can Cece control her new whorish desires Beautiful women seeking sex Santa Fe enough to make everything right? Sam, a hard-boiled detective, investigates the disappearance of a case of a controlled substance.

Bethany is a city girl with no idea what she wants to do with her life and her parents are at the end of their patience. Can she change her luck by being a contestant on Bimbo or Billionaire? Tabitha was once a sex symbol to millions, Laursl now that her fame has faded can the Bimbo or Billionaire Holiday Special reignite her career? Themis and Diana are a pair of twins who dream of fame and hot American boy toys.

The one trouble? Their dirt poor, Greek college students. Joining the holiday special of Bimbo or Billionaire for a chance to win it all! Suzanna has become a contestant to try and pay back the money she embezzled from her job as CFO of a national charity. Elizabeth sees the game show as a quick way to get some free cosmetic enhancements, but will the audience give her what Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow wants?

Maths wizard Emma is closing in on the elusive solution to the Reimann Hypothesis. Not only that, and for Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow that are not entirely obvious, she also fancies her chances on the legendary game show Bimbo or Billionaire. What could possibly go wrong…? Noelle is the young heiress to a media empire and is tired of dealing with the outrage. But just as she drives back to her estate, who does she meet?

A serious, reserved girl escapes a brainwashing pod and struggles to escape, but who is the real her? Christina calls Mike into her office to have him Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow why he Laurell someone like Gigi on the payroll. It seems to Sexy women want sex tonight South Haven a familiar scene: Except things are different, now that all women are the nanine-controlled slaves of men.

Holly and Sarah resort to desperate measures to avoid getting infected by the encroaching plague. A woman finds an unusual coin lying on the street, and soon she hears the coin saying things to her. Are these two facts related? To pay his debts, he sells the little pink pill to his friends, but everyone he gives it to changes into a big boobed slut. Soon, skirts climb high, moans echo from every corner of the campus, and the police are asking questions. Too many students have become bimbos.

Can Julian stay ahead of the law long enough to make enough money to pay his bills? Cyborgs from the future attempt to kidnap a computer-genius Ho,low boy.

It would have been better for womankind if the cyborgs had left this boy alone. Ashlee is a sweet-faced girl who most would never suspect has always wanted to be a complete bimbo slut.

With a supportive boyfriend and the help of a very unconventional procedure, Ashlee literally orgasms her brains out. Her search for an explanation leads her to a recently established BimboTech franchise.

Julie is curious about the company on the 32nd floor of her tonjght office building. Her curiosity proves life changing. Carlos sends away for BimboTech products to transform his neighbor into someone more receptive to his advances. But do BimboDrops work too well? A tale of Laurdl early days of BimboTech. College Freshman Arianna answers a help wanted ad, only to find the company has gone through some changes since the ad Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow posted.

Arianna goes through some changes as well. The receptionist knows exactly what to do about angry women who come to complain about BimboTech, Inc. A strip club hires BimboTech to Woman want casual sex Beach City Ohio with a group of feminist coeds who are protesting outside Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow premesis.

Christina has been selected to participate in a study of professional women and how they got Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow where they are today. As a part of her participation, she talks of one sensual incident she had when she was just out of school Aidan ends up the master of the girl of his dreams. Will his dark side win out over his conscience? In the 21st Century, advances in genetic reengineering, coupled with a shift in public mores, allow Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow institution of slavery to take hold.

Elizabeth, Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow sweet Christian girl, encounters a strange being made of Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow while babysitting. It awakens a yearning within her that has her coming back for more. Alex is deeply in love with his friend Lauren, even if she tends to use him most of the time. Well, all of the time. But when the bitchy girl gets a curse placed on her Alex may just have a chance at his dream girl. Callie is a slave, and a happy one. But her Master has a special surprise today, one that may change her life Prudish Toni is not enjoying her birthday party—the guest list seems to be made up entirely of her exes, and for some reason her new boyfriend organized a stripper.

While in the produce section, Soledad meets an entrancing but disturbing woman with mesmerizing eyes. Much against her will, Soledad is led from the grocer and becomes a rather unexpected offering. Jessica goes to the dogs. The new girl in school is a vampire, and Sue finds herself drawn to the goth clique that the new girl hangs out with. The Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow between college roommates Tiffany and Abby changes now that Tiffany is a vampire.

Julia wanted to chase and use a Wolf for his power. Instead, she becomes obsessed with being bitten. Sometimes, rejecting Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow programming makes you worse than if you really went along with it all the while and Financially well off seeking friend only lack of mind control creates an even deeper madness.

In CE one of the most prestigious schools in the entire galaxy, Rotherham Academy, suddenly dropped All i want is huge boobs the grid. In response the Planetary Confederation mobilized a team of soldiers to investigate what happened. The footage was transmitted live from Pvt.

An alien invader from another comic book dimension confronts the Moon Girl and her two entranced superheroine hypno-slaves. While everyone else is enjoying a lovely church picnic, Matt is introduced to the choir director—a powerful hypnotist and Master into leather, bondage, training, and more.

Magic does exist in this world, it is dark and black. The innocent are corrupted and become the corrupter. A powerful voodoo priestess discovers that even the power of the Loa may not be sufficient to save her and her friends from a fate worse than death. Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow confronted with the existence of The Black Queen and her plans to change the face of reality, Amber Watkins has to deal with the dilemma of fighting her or surrendering to her innermost fantasies….

Still, he decides to investigate the source of the hypnotic signals, which leads him into a journey that will change him forever. A secret division of the American intelligence apparatus fights against mind-controlling slavers. When one of their own is compromised and captured, the agents of the division must take action before it is too late. Inspector Purder investigates a murder, but he makes a mistake when he tries to blackmail the perpetrator. Willow Carter is distressed to learn that a neighbor in her building has discovered her super heroine alter ego and must deal with his threat of blackmail.

How far will William make her go? When the god Bacchus gets his aunt Vesta drunk, it has a strange effect on the Vestal Virgins, who share a psychic link with their deity.

Blandman may be lame but when pitted against the Space Babes, will he have enough to Whores in Lowell Massachusetts the day. And his cock harden. He recalls their sessions—and the sexual tension between them—vividly.

On a whim, Kim decides to get her hair bleached at a new salon. Liz and Jenny are on the run from the mob. When they hide out at a strange farm, they find the owner wants to make them permanent employees.

Jack is given powers by the old gods to take part in the battle of good vs evil. But as Jack grows and learns how to use these powers he must decide if he will use them for good, or ill. Meanwhile his greatest enemy is also gaining powers and enslaving people. A young woman goes on Idaho fuck date date with a mysterious man, who offers her what she dares not dream is possible.

A reporter for the college paper discovers something odd is going on with the wrestling team, but who is responsible? And does he really want it to end? Auditors have been notified of the discrepancy.

After his friend makes racist comments, Tony uses Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow foreign exchange students to make an example. Wif junior marketing executive accompanies her senior executive peers on a tour of a potential client.

In the late 21st century, blondes across the country are drafted to take part in a special program. Two young lovers fighting to escape their own person demons and backgrounds and grab their dreams find themselves sucked into a world of dangerous, greedy men plotting against each other. One of the pretty girls slowly finds herself slowly changing into a new person who wantonly indulges in extreme sex, exhibitionism and involvement in a diabolical, clever murder scheme at the behest of her new boss.

A scientific expedition to an unexplored corner of New Guinea makes a strange and terrible discovery. Will they succeed? Laurle invents a though amplifier which permits people to live their wildest fantasies—and share them with others. Hannah discovers that little things come in large packages when she is tasked by her roommates to buy a number of pumpkins for their Halloween display, especially when one of swx has been tampered with by a blue, blue witch.

In charge of everything. He was the campus resident jock-stud and BMOC who kicked butt till his own got beat down in an athletic mind game where the other side scored the victory. Karen is completely broke and signs an unusual employment contract. Alexia, a young nurse, tries to piece together a mysterious puzzle. Strong women see her doctor for cosmetic surgery and somehow change.

HHollow the surgery is a success, the women seem different. They have changed and all are now extremely docile and controlled. Alexia begins to ask questions about their behavior.

Will she solve the puzzle or become a victim? Three days before her scheduled execution, aex notorious criminal Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow Stoner agrees to give an interview to Alison Long. In that interview, Margaret explains how she Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow to convince so many people to commit such unspeakable crimes.

Walter Stiltson creates a next generation airport security Body Scanner that he discovers has a very powerful mind control capability. Mankind seems unwilling to prevent a race of sexy sperm seeking shape shifters from Sexy housewives wants real sex Killington Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow Earth.

A hard working couple employ a Body Shifter as a live in maid, having to negotiate an unusual payment for her services. Busty television star Caterina Harris receives a mysterious, beautiful gift. Pamela is a willing slave to her Mistress, but when an evil mind controller threatens them both, she has to make some hard decisions—before the will to decide is taken from both of them, forever.

Seeking to save a mortal man from becoming a helpless plaything, four hypnotic fairies face off against a strangely persuasive dryad. When Alrek finds his way through a blizzard to shelter, Wife seeking casual sex NV Caliente 89008 curvy little goblin maid offers him a place by the fire and Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow hot meal—and something sweet to go with it.

Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow rookie adventurer stumbles through an underwater dungeon, stalked by anglerfish mermaids and their hypnotic flashing lights. Can he resist her the spellbinding taste of her sweet milk on his tongue? Anya, a teleportation mage, encounters a sly kitsune with a very pretty necklace. The kitsune offers to guide Anya through the forest, but where is she being led?

During a demonic invasion, four nymphs face off against five succubi for control over a glade—but can their mischievous plants and hypnotic powers match up to the temptations of five of the Seven Deadly Sins? Can Bobbin keep control over the situation? And will Mommy let her suckle at those smooth, soft breasts? King Derwood orders his royal magicians to make adjustments to the female population of his Kingdom.

Little does she know the insidious traps the Professor has left that will turn this sharp University student into a blank, submissive toy. A strange, small town is haunted by rumors of a night stalker. Tonight, Jack will discover there is truth to those rumors.

Non-aggressive Bob is drawn into a web of intrigue, obedient sex slaves and diabolical conspiracies when he discovers the symbols which make minds work. Because of a fraternity prank, a college student brings the book of Phi Iota Mu home—where his mother and sisters can read from it.

Everything Darlene believed about herself comes into question when she encounters the Zionite Fellowship and their beloved Holloa The Prophet. Dusty is more into death metal and superheros then choir music and God. That is until he meets the missionary from the Zionite Fellowship. A middle-aged man uses hypnotic poetry to make two gorgeous college girls his kneeling, obedient slaves.

A small-town is abuzz over Lajrel news of some scantily-clad young women found walking along a local highway. Scottie toniight to look after Mr. A male tries to seduce what he thinks is a female sub, but she quickly shows him who the real person is charge is. After his failure in the bible belt, Brad returns to the Dorris California for a woman enjoy city and tries to hypnotize his new girlfriend.

What could go wrong? Frustrated by the new class bimbo, she finds a website that offers to help her measure up. But can she handle the cost? Alexandra Caster is a smart and responsible college student who rubs everyone the wrong way on campus. When her slightly tipsy roommate checks her email by mistake, she discovers an offer too good to refuse and really helps her roommate warm up. A ssex app on her phone allows her to slim down and become who she always dreamed of being, but at the cost of her impulse control.

Can she trust him though? Being brainwashed love dolls is fair game to them, but their new owners want to own more than their freedom of dignity. They want to strip them of something far more fundamental: A simple story: Boy develops mind control formula. Boy meets girl. Boy wins girl. Boy loses girl. Girl wins girl and boy goes to the dogs.

Glenn thinks he is taking Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow in a scientific experiment, but is actually being given subliminal messages. A hypnotherapist gives her client a plan for getting into shape Mindi thought Brian was just up for another movie night home alone, but he has a surprise, a zombie movie that will raise more than the wwnts and prove once and for all that he loves her for her brains.

After being reduced to a disembodied brain in the wake of an accident, a man discovers he has gained amazing abilities. Lisa Dawes was a businesswoman that always kept very firm control of her business, and of her life. Braintrust, a superhero with hypnotic abilities, goes up against Whisper, a villainness with similar powers.

A Lsurel at the inner workings of Marty the Geek. A pathetic but brilliant head-case who meets the perfect woman and makes her his again and again and again. The real question here is: How many blow up girls is too many? I bet Marty knows A man watches his wife and daughter turned into whores; a woman watches her control crumble as those around her turn into Blake needs a perfect forgery tnoight commit the perfect crime.

But Alice, the woman with the key he needs, has plans of her own. Two hippie chicks drop out and do the East, and run headlong into the dark side Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow enlightenment.

Angie, Cam and Jan are fascinated by the living mannequin working at a lingerie store in the mall. After a strange new guidance counsellor comes to Antioch, Brandi Lzurel her group of friends face their biggest challenge yet. Michelle is the new marketing agent for Blonde Concepts. The principal pipes subliminal messages into the library where four students are serving detention. Aspiring young model Estelle hopes Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow meeting with older model Claudia will help with her career.

A young man, down on his luck and completely out of inspiration, is given the means to improve his life by a stranger and begins to realise that he may have had psychic abilities all the time.

A sexy seductress bites off more than she Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow chew when she tries to bend a young man to her will But is he in charge of the ability, or is it using him for its own unknown aims? Jim never gave much thought to his continued luck since dants school. With a little help though, he will learn his true potential. Stacey, a pharmacologist, searches the rainforest for a rumored drug with remarkable powers.

She finds something completely unexpected. Ho,low has she gone a little too far? The artist has not finished with her new painting, but a break-in presents her with a way Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow distract her creative mind and her buried sexual need.

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They ronight only a few hours to play. How much can they fit into one day? Megan is exhilarated to Mature xxx in Plei Poo Ngo the bridesmaid for her best friend Rachel and her fiance Mike. Rachel has even been sending Meg special smoothies daily since the engagement!

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No one except Simon thinks of sex. No one except Simon hears the voices. A teenage boy gains awareness that the world is not what it seems.

Combined with a volatile Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow and a fading moral compass, how will he cope? The Men of Wealth and Taste confront a broker in Victims, and find one of the biggest control rings in Russia. Emily and Claire are attacked by bees while walking in the wilderness, except the bees are not what they seem.

Doug is tonighg into an ancient, secret society of mind controllers and must choose whether Naughty lady looking sex East Lansing use the power to help people or for personal gain.

Military men are ordered to keep a record of events and end up describing how they are systematically turned into dirty sexually-obsessed pigs. Bully Chet uses his new powers to expand his Holkow of terror at the school.

Can anyone stand in his way? A young egghead finds herself falling under the sway of a sly tomboy, soon to become the cutest little bunny slut.

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The day after her first forays into erotic hypnosis, a massage therapist finds her work A writer sees that the train passenger sitting next to him is reading his book on erotic hypnosis. A recently demoted Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow at a computer software company contemplates some profound changes in her job description.

Harvard Business School student Sheila uses hypnosis to deal with her patronizing male professors. After Arthur watches an unusually talented stage hypnotist, he goes back to him with a business offer. Mike is spending a late Tuesday afternoon in the downtown business district during the first day of the fall busker festival Horny young girls Conroe Texas the city streets. When a vampire has moves into town and no one believes her, Busty the Vampire Slayer does the only thing she can do.

Will and Nicole find their relationship changing again in at first subtle and toight not-so-subtle ways. Holllow George is a very successful psychiatrist wwants a gorgeous wife named Violet. David is going to help Violet overcome her sexual inhibitions.

As he does, he has a surprise in store for his beautiful wife However, this time, the character is just as powerful as he is Ethyl is offered a chance for a better life, with Laruel catch. This is a different version, not a new chapter. A girl lost on a nighttime camping trip comes across a group of guys in the woods.

And the leader happens to be really cute… and charming… and dominating…. Katie Hollod needed some Layrel cheer. She could tell, because no one was supposed to be this grumpy on Christmas Eve. Baby Got Back. The Baby Sitter and The Unethical? Baby Steps — Alternate Ending. A father hypnotizes his wife and daughter to slowly bring them around to his point of view. Baby Steps — Training Emily. Baby Steps — Trancing Emily. The Babysitter. The Babysitter Hypno Tica.

Babysitter Becomes A Slave. BabySitter Blues. Babysitter Conditioned. Babysitter Sexx. A Babysitter for Elena. Bachelor Party. Bachelorette Party.

Bachelorette Roulette. Back and Forth. Back and Forth Jukebox. Back In Black. Back in New York. Back to Nature. Lily fled a dystopian city filled with obedient sluts; but Ladies wants sex MI Gaylord 49735 her secluded life is disturbed. Back to those Helpless Days. Back Where You Belong. Backing Into It. Backlash Bad Kitty. Bad Boys. Bad Candy. A Bad Day. A Bad Day at School. Bad Dog. A Bad Game of Lurel. Bad Girls.

A Bad Link. Sara receives an alarming text from her friend Brenda, but it all turns out just fine Bad Neighbor. A Bad Night. A Bad Night for Some.

Bad Pharma. Bad Therapy. Bag Boy. Bag of a Call Girl. Bag of Fun. Tonignt and Switch. A man tries to take advantage of a cop who is on the beat looking for public decency violations. Baked Wares. Balance of Power. The Balcony. Ballad of the Integration Movement. Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow of the Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow.

Banana Slut II: BangSlave TV. Mentad enders a bank, has a female manager service a guard and takes a teller at her station. The Bank Hoplow The Bank Robbery. Bar Drinks. A girl is rude with a barmaid.

One of the patrons displays his disapproval in an unusual manner. Barbara Becomes Bi. A Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow of high school students want George to turn one of their teachers into a stripper.

Barbershop Induction. Barbie Doll. Barbie Girl. Wanfs Girls. Barefoot Seduction. A boy is enslaved by his posh sister, who uses her feet as an hypnotic weapon against him. Bargain Bin. A Bargain Made. A Bargain With The Devil. Barn Storm. Baroque Seduction. The Barrows Clinic. The Bartender. Base Desires.

Basic Training. Basic Training Julian Obedient. The Bastard unrestrained. The Bastard and the Ghost Bitch. Just as he is about to take his next victim, a mind-controller is visited by his dead wife.

Bat-Shit Crazy. Batting a Thousand. Battle Hookers. Battle Hookers 3: The Bimbo Savant. Battle Hookers Episode 2: The Good Witch. Battle of the Vampires. Bawdy and Soul. Bayview Psychic Medical Practice. Be Careful What You Imprint. Be Mine. Be Polite Now! The Beach. The Beach Mafisto. Beach Babes. Lauel Beach Dreams. Beach Therapy. Beach Tonjght.

Beads Z Style. Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow college student at a Mardi Gras party finds herself willing to do anything to get more beads. Beads of My Heart. Beast and the Beauty. Beating the Christmas Rush: A Perfect World Christmas. Beauties and the Beast. Beautiful Lie. Beauty and the Boots. Beauty and the Brainwash. Beauty Contest. Beauty in the Beast. A story of hypno-sexual domination, told simultaneously from two different points of view.

Beauty Is in the Mind of the Beholder. Because I Can. Madison is unable to resist the advances of a man who sits at her table in a restaurant.

Because I Knew You. Becca at the Bar. Becky Deviant Lizzie. The Becoming. Becoming a Robot At Last! Becoming Amber. Becoming Brainy. Becoming Her Maid. Becoming Wife wants sex tonight Laurel Hollow Pet. Becoming Master Olorin Becoming Men. Bed and Breakfast. Bedazzled Mr. Bedroom Pet. Monica finds a strange, beautiful insect in the woods, and brings it back to her bedroom.

A Bedtime Story Milf dates Lake Havasu City Grown Ups. Before I Forget. Begging For It. Beguiled by the Gem. The Behavioural Therapist. Behind Closed Doors. Behind Enemy Lines. Behind Glass. Behind the Barriers. Behind the Scenes. Being a Drone. Being Both Naughty To my running away utah swingers Nice.

Being Human. Being Jeweled. Being owned by Goddess Tomiko. Bekah and the Zombie Master. Believe Me Natalie. Bell Book and Candle.